Hello lovelies!

 I bought this set before the holidays at CVS, because $2.99 for four polishes was just too good to pass up.

LA Color Craze Metallic Polish Series

 As I was looking at them, it occured to me that they looked like some polishes I already own. So of course I had to compare them:

LA Color Charcoal/OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

LA Color Pink/OPI Let Me Entertain You

LA Color Teal/China Glaze Watermelon Rind

LA Color Purple/Confetti Happy Birthday!

Index, Ring- LA Color Charcoal; Middle, Pinky- OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

Charcoal is darker than LLM. OPI’s shade contains more silver sparkles, making it appear even lighter. These are not dupes.

Index, Ring- LA Color Pink; Middle, Pinky- OPI Let Me Entertain You

I apologize for the bad quality of this photo. It just doesn’t show up on camera they way it looks in person. Pink contains pink and blue sparkles, but on my nails the sparkles don’t show up as much as OPI’s. LMEY contains A LOT of pink sparkles, and it pulls a little more fuschia-red on my complexion. LA’s Pink pulls more of a raspberry red, and I think this is because of the dulled glimmer. What I saw in the bottle did not transfer onto my nails.

Index, Ring- LA Teal; Middle, Pinky- CG Watermelon Rind

CG Watermelon Rind is darker than LA Teal. Teal contains a lot of silver sparkles, making it look frostier in contrast to WR’s darker green. Another difference is that Watermelon Rind contains light green sparkles, whereas Teal does not.

Index, Ring- LA Purple; Middle, Pinky- Confetti Happy Birthday!

Confetti Happy Birthday! is a little darker, and contains purple and pink sparkles. LA Purple contains blue and purple sparkles.  As the photo shows, LA Purple pulls more blue because of the blue glitter. I think this may be more comparable to OPI Ink, but I will have to swatch that one later on. 

Did any of you manage to buy this set? What do you think of it? Would you buy it in lieu of any these polishes I swatched here? Do the differences make you want to buy it, or would you rather have OPIs and CGs?