Hello lovelies!

  Did you know that Elizabeth Arden created a lipstick called Montezuma Red for the women in the armed forces, so that it would match the red in their uniforms? To this day, women still love red lipstick, myself included. I fondly remember my mother’s red lipstick: a gold and red tube of glamour that she would apply before leaving for work, along with Coty Airspun powder and black eyeliner. The fruit does not fall far from the tree (why else would you have become a makeup artist, silly Christina?) and I am now a proud lipstick fanatic myself. Today I will be swatching some of my favorites lipsticks for you all to see. On NC42 skin (I have dark hair and brown eyes):

L-R: MAC Photo, Desire (this is sheer), Hang-up, Dark Side (can be applied lightly), Verve

L-R: MAC Verve, Dark Side, Hang-up, Desire, Photo

L-R: Revlon Spicy Cinnamon, NYX Cocoa, Revlon Toast of NY, Urban Decay Wanted (got tired and needed to lie down. :) )

L-R: Urban Decay Wanted, Revlon Toast of NY (looks more brown in person, less orange), NYX Cocoa, Revlon Spicy Cinnamon (such a nice color. It yields a different result on every skin tone).

L-R: NYX Violet Ray, Mattese Pizazz (can be a little frosty, but I sometimes mix it with MAC Photo), NYX Brown Sugar, Clinique Crushed Grape (my second tube!)

Clinique Crushed Grape, Mattese Pizazz, NYX Brown Sugar, NYX Violet Ray

Can you tell that I am not a fan of neutral lippies? :P I plan on exploring more toned down lip colors from now on, but I guess I am such a Pat Benatar/Gwen Stefani/Cyndi Lauper fan that I like looking like my lips are painted. I am an 80s baby. So sue me.

Tell me about your favorite lipsticks/glosses/balms. If you post a comment, try to add in your foundation shade (does not have to be MAC) or skin tone description to help out anyone looking for a new lipstick shade. Happy Monday, everyone!