The Goldmine: NARS Silent Night

Welcome to the first installment of The Goldmine! Gold eyeshadows are a favorite of darker skinned beauties, so in this category I will be swatching and discussing gold, bronze, and copper shades of eyeshadow. Today we’ll be looking at NARS Silent Night.

NARS Silent Night

NARS’s website describes it as a “metallic with gold particles”. It is a very sheer eyeshadow that leaves noticeable gold particles on the skin, and not much eyeshadow.

NARS Silent Night. The swatch is in the middle. You can barely see the sparkles.

I took one with the flash, in the hopes that it would render a more visible swatch.

NARS Silent Night with flash.

I think Silent Night would be best used as a wash over a more pigmented color. If you want an eye look that is sheer and a little sparkly, you could use it on its own over an eyelid primer.

NARS Silent Night retails for $23 and is sold at Sephora stores,, and

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