More Money More Makeup: Cheaper Dupes of MAC Humid and Amber Lights?


Hello lovelies!

Welcome to another installment of More Money More Makeup, where I’ll be attempting to save you more by finding cheaper alternatives, discounts and bargains on cosmetics. Today we’ll be taking a look at MAC Humid and Amber Lights.

Personally, I adore Humid and Amber Lights. I am not in love with MAC, but there are a handful of MAC eyeshadows that I love and would repurchase. When I heard that there were possible dupes of these two, I went out searching for the alleged dupes, hoping that I would be able to support a company besides MAC. I found them, and here are the results.

NYX Mermaid Green & MAC Humid

MAC Humid, NYX Mermaid Green

MAC Humid, NYX Mermaid Green with flash

I find NYX MG to be a pretty darn close dupe. MAC Humid has a sort of lush richness that NYX MG is lacking. But if you want a substitute, NYX Mermaid Green is a good one.

Next up, MAC Amber Lights.

Milani Sun Goddess, MAC Amber Lights, Milani Bronze Doll

 Milani Sun Goddess is the closest match to MAC AL, although it is a little lighter. Milani Bronze Doll is not orange toned enough to be a dupe, and it contains sparkles.

My verdict: NYX Mermaid Green and Milani Sun Goddess are worth checking out if you are lemming MAC Humid and Amber Lights.  

NYX Cosmetics are sold at Ulta, and Milani Cosmetics are sold at CVS.

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