Hello lovelies,

 Today I’ll be continuing my search for MAC dupes. MAC Deep Truth eyeshadow is a lovely shade of deep jewel blue. It’s one of the faves in my handful of MAC shadows I would repurchase (I mentioned this in a previous post). One possible dupe I discovered on the Internet was NYX Morocco. I took a look at it, and wasn’t convinced that it was an actual dupe. It looked too dark. But I purchased it anyway, along with NYX Blue Marine (which looked closer in color to Deep Truth). I swatched these below, along with some other eyeshadows  for comparison.

MAC Plumage, NYX Blue Marine, MAC Deep Truth, NYX Morocco, UD Ransom

 I was wrong about NYX Blue Marine: on my skin it is too light to be a match to Deep Truth. NYX Morocco is far too dark and purple toned. I swatched Urban Decay Ransom because it looked similar to NYX Morocco while it was in the case, but now we can see that Ransom is too purple to be a match to Morocco.  I decided to throw in MAC Plumage just to see how it measured up compared to the others. It is a very dark, matte blue.

MAC Cork is said to have a dupe in NYX Brown, and MAC Charcoal Brown in NYX Dark Brown.

NYX Dark Brown, MAC Charcoal Brown, NYX Brown, MAC Cork

NYX Dark Brown is noticeably darker than MAC Charcoal Brown. NYX Brown has the golden tones of MAC Cork, but it is lighter than Cork and more golden.

What do you all think of the swatches? Will you buy the NYX substitutes? Have you already bought them? Do they work for you?