Hello lovelies!

 I noticed that some people search for things like “MAC eyeshadows for NC42 skin” or “lipsticks for tanned skin”. As I mentioned in previous posts, I am not a huge fan of MAC Cosmetics, but I am eager to help my readers. Today I will be sharing my favorite MAC eyeshadows, starting with the neutrals.

Romp, Cork, Charcoal Brown, Tempting, Soba

Cork and Soba are two good shades for that “no-makeup” look. Charcoal Brown makes a good crease shade for tanned skin. Tempting and Romp are nice for when you want a little shimmer in your look. I think Romp would look very pretty with hazel or green eyes.

Now for the color shades:

Expensive Pink, Parfait Amour, Twinks, Star Violet, Deep Truth, Humid

Expensive Pink has a dupe in Wet n Wild Penny, but I do like the extra shimmer in EP. Star Violet has a close sister in L’Oreal HIP Duo in Sculpted (the lighter side; The darker side is a dupe for MAC Beautymarked), but for me it is not close enough.   

Do you guys own any of these eyeshadows? Will these swatches help you decide what you want in your palettes? Please know that I am always ready to help. If there are any swatches you want to see, or any questions you have about what makeup I use, please ask! If you are too shy to leave a comment, you can always email me (address is in the “About” section).