The Toolbox: Sephora Professionnel Brow Comb #11

Welcome to another installment of The Toolbox, where I’ll be showing and discussing makeup brushes and tools I love. Today’s tool is the Sephora Professionnel Brow Comb #11.

As you can see from how the label is peeling, I have had this for a while. It has never failed me. The plastic teeth are great for separating my lashes after applying mascara (or for shredding carrots. Kidding! Or am I….) and the other side works well for brushing my brow hairs. I sometimes use the teeth side for my brows, if I want something stiffer.

Intended for: Eyebrows and lashes
Where it lives: Personal brush kit.
Price: $6
Alternatives: Essence of Beauty Brow Comb.

And I don’t really have to say where I bought it, right? :)

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