China Glaze Riveter Rouge, Rodeo Fanatic & Emerald Fitzgerald Swatches

Blues, reds and greens. If there’s nothing in the world that can uplift a person, said person needs to take a look at nail polishes in those colors. I recently acquired China Glaze polishes in the aforementioned colors: Riveter Rouge (red), Rodeo Fanatic (blue) and Emerald Fitzgerald (green).

Riveter Rouge. The silver flecks make this a very interesting (and textured) polish.

Rodeo Fanatic. A deep jewel toned blue. This is what I hoped OPI Blue My Mind would be.

Emerald Fitzgerald on the middle and pinky, OPI Cuckoo For This Color on the index and ring fingers for comparison. Can you see a difference? They both look like pine green beauties to me. :)

I know these shades are old news, but my desire for them could only be quenched by a blog sale I stumbled upon about a week ago. Speaking of blog sales, would any of you be interested if I had a blog sale? Let me know in the comments. I have plenty of goodies (MAC Sun & Moon, anyone?) I want to get rid of.

4 responses to “China Glaze Riveter Rouge, Rodeo Fanatic & Emerald Fitzgerald Swatches

  1. Oooh, love the nails. Rodeo Fanatic looks hot!

    I usually don’t buy from blog sales myself, but I’d definitely tweet about yours if you wanted. =]

  2. All these jewel tones look amazing with you skin! I haven’t ever bought from a blog sale before, but I wouldn’t be averse to it. I’ll certainly help you spread the word, too!

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