Having realized that I have not been actually wearing polish, just swatching it, I decided to try out some color combos featuring two of my most recent jelly finds. I am a little surprised at myself for neglecting my nail polish routine. Last year, I worked two jobs and took three classes, and I still found time to change my nail color on a daily basis. It’s now summer, I’m not that busy, and I haven’t really been wearing polish. Huh. I guess I’m slacking a little.

I started with two coats of a lilac creme (Confetti Belle of the Ball)

Then I applied OPI Houston We Have a Purple to the tips of all my nails, excluding the ring finger.

To get a cleaner line, you could use Scotch tape. I applied Revlon Grape Fizz to the ring finger.

A closer look at the ring finger:

I’m going to keep trying out different combinations. I think a bright blue creme (like OPI Ogre The Top Blue) would look nice with HWHAP.

What do you all think? Do you layer polishes? What are your favorite color combinations?

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