The Toolbox: Revlon Eyelash Curler

Welcome to another installment of The Toolbox, where I’ll be discussing my favorite beauty tools and brushes. Today we’ll be looking at the Revlon Eyelash Curler.

In my arsenal of beauty tools, I really think my eyelash curlers are my most valuable possessions. I could always dab eyeshadow and lipstick on with my fingers, but curling my lashes? I really do not know how I’d get by without my reliable curler.

When I first started attending beauty school in 2007, I was told that I needed to purchase one of these scary beauty necessities. Unsure of what to buy, I opted for an inexpensive one from my favorite drugstore brand. This cost me $6, and it’s routinely on sale at CVS.

I’ll tell you a story about this particular item. During my beauty school days, Kaori, the kind and patient Japanese school assistant, would take the time to help me apply makeup to my own face. Every time she came at me with the Revlon eyelash curler, I felt like I was in the Middle Ages, in a dungeon with an interrogator who believed me to be a heretic (or who just didn’t like me and wanted to do me in). My discomfort and nervousness could not be hidden, and Kaori would smile indulgently at me, saying “Don’t be scared, Christina” in her adorable Japanese accent. I felt like such a silly wuss. Still, a metal device so close to my eyes was not my idea of bliss and relaxation.

I have come to love this tool. I use it daily, and in the four years I have owned it it’s always given my lashes a great boost. Sometimes I’ll even skip mascara and just curl my lashes. Just don’t remind of being interrogated in a dungeon. :)

Intended for: Eyelashes
Where it lives: My personal kit.
Price: $6 (often on sale).
Alternatives:  Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler; there are many others out there.

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