Over the course of two trips to the Cosmetics Market, I did some *illegal* nail polish hauling. Here’s what I got:

Midnight Cami. A rich navy blue, and one of the staples in their permanent line.

Meet Me At Sunset. This is so stunning on tanned skin. I like the red tinge in it. It makes it more wearable for me.

Mademoiselle. This basically looks like a top coat on me. It's super sheer.

Pillow Talk. Same results as Mademoiselle. It's way, way sheer.

Steel-ing the Scene. I have been wanting this since 1998!

Sandy Beach. I had better luck with the opacity of this. After three coats my nails looked like they were wearing something.

Carnival. This is so pretty! I can't wait to try out layering combos.

Smokin' Hot. I was lucky to find this LE polish. I went back to buy a back up but when I got there they were all gone! :(

Hard Candy Beetle. This is one polish I got that's not Essie. It's what I hoped Orly Space Cadet would be. If you're tan like me and want Space Cadet, buy this instead! It's only $2 at The Cosmetics Market.

What new polishes have you been loving?