I’ve been very bad about my makeup shopping recently. But how could anyone blame me when they see all of these NARS boxes?

It’s even more exciting when the boxes are opened!

Now for the swatches!

The Single Eyeshadows:

L-R: Estrusque, Outremer, Tropic, Cyprus, Fez

Outremer and Tropic are soooo stunning! Keep an eye out for some upcoming EOTDs!

The Duo Eyeshadows:

Key Largo




L-R: Oasis lipgloss, Success, Fire Down Below & Funny Face lipsticks

Powder Foundation and Sheer Matte Liquid, both in Syracuse

One looks a little light and the other looks a little dark, but give it a moment.

Same foundations blended.

The swatches for the polishes can be found here and here.

Disclosure: I purchased these items using my Pro Artist discount.

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