One of my favorite films is The Devil Wears Prada, and despite her snobby and caustic attitude, Emily Charlton (played by the immensely talented Emily Blunt) is one of my favorite characters. Her ever-changing eye makeup, of course, tickles me to death.

Patricia Field, the film’s costume designer, stated in the commentary she wanted to contrast Emily’s look to Anne Hathaway’s. She dressed Emily in underground designer clothing, while oufitting Anne in mostly Chanel. The makeup received similar consideration. Nicki Ledermann, the film’s MUA, said of her look:

“Emily’s character is not as stable as she wants to be, and therefore she’s
still searching for her personal style,” she says. “So we have different looks
for her every day—the punk rock look, the classy look, the colorful look, the
simple look—she wears a lot of different styles.”

I really love when MUAs devoted themselves to the character’s personality and try to evoke that in the makeup looks.

I needed someone with fair skin and blue eyes to make the best of these vibrant greens. So I enlisted the help of the boyfriend. He agreed, but only because I said I’d make aloo mattar for dinner. And I have to be nice to him. :)

The techniques used on Emily did not require a distinct gradation on the eyes. Her eye shape required some blending upwards and a slight shading of darker green on the outer corners.

The boyfriend has deeper set eyes and a more pronounced browbone, so I made some modifications.  


-Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer
-UD Grafitti (all over the lid)
-UD Vert (all over the lid)
-MAC Humid (shaded just at the crease on the outer corner)
-WnW Sheer Shimmery White e/s from the Pride palette (all over lid for added sheen).

Isn’t he a good sport, ladies and gents?