The Annabelle Cosmetics line is not sold in America, but I swapped for an eyeshadow trio with a nice Canadian lady. I was very excited to get my first Annabelle product!

The three shades are: creamy beige, tan, and warm medium brown. All the shadows have a pearl sheen to them. They are not too sparkly or shimmery.

I liked the way these shadows glided onto my lids. No chalkiness or powdery mess. The formula and pigmentation are pretty good, and I experienced no consequential fallout. Unfortunately, the eyeshadows vanished fairly quickly. There was barely anything on my lids after 4 hours.

A look I did:

Creamy Beige on the browbone, Tan on the lid, Medium Brown on the outer v. The eyeliner is Sephora Keep Kohl in Keep Black.

As the eye look proves, this is definitely a very neutral trio.  When it’s first applied, it looks beautiful, but it doesn’t last long enough to make it worthwhile for me.

I am curious to try the other Annabelle products, but I hope the other trios are better. Sometimes it turns out that one shade of a product subgroup performs poorly, so I won’t bash all trios until I’ve tried other colors. But I don’t think I’ll try to acquire another Creme Caramel trio once I use this one up.

Does anyone want to weigh in? Have Annabelle products worked for you? Which ones are your faves?