The Winners of MAC Jealousy Wakes GIveaway!!!!

Before I announce the winners, I would like to say a few words…

One of the reasons I asked the participants to talk about their country is that I feel a lot of people (esp. Americans) don’t know much about other cultures/countries. I wanted to ask the question “what can we learn from each other?”. As a budding anthropologist, I have a natural curiosity about other cultures. I was amazed at how much information arrived onto my blog! Thank you all for volunteering to educate others about your wonderful countries.

There is too much hate in this world. The conflicts in the Middle East, the animosity towards Muslims, the gay-bashing. Let’s all take a moment to look at each as human beings, instead of enemies. I am hoping that my little push towards cultural understanding helps whoever reads this.

So…..the moment has arrived….the winners are……

Winner #1: Dee from Singapore

Winner #2: Anamarija T from Croatia

CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!!! Please email me at: with your full name and mailing address.

The winners have 48 hours to claim their prizes. If they do not contact me, I will select an alternate winner.

If you didn’t win, please don’t feel bad, because I am going to host many, many more giveaways on The Makeup Train. Trust me, I am far too generous to stop giving things away.  :)

Winners were chosen using All prizes were furnished by me.

2 responses to “The Winners of MAC Jealousy Wakes GIveaway!!!!

  1. Gee… THANK YOU!!
    It’s indeed a wonderful surprise!
    Definitely agree there should be more <3 going around the world… too much negativity looming the globe admist the friction and's really sad to have our own kind agst each other..
    Hope everyone has a peaceful weekend ahead and take care :)

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