Best Neutral Eyeshadows for Dark Skin

One goal I have with this blog is to help others learn how to apply makeup and find what is best for them. I am also trying to reach a wider audience and fill a void. I am listing my favorite eyeshadows that I use to create neutral looks on darker skin tones. Bear in mind, these have worked for me at photo shoots, but try them, if you can, to see if they work for you.

1) MAC Bronze- I have not found a true dupe for this. It’s simply stunning on dark skin.
2) MAC Amber Lights/Milani Sun Goddess- truly amazing on dark skin.
3) MAC Mulch- A really easy shade to work with.
4) Urban Decay Smog- a very nice bronzy shade. It’s a staple for me.
5) Urban Decay Baked- works on so many levels. It can be a lid shade or a highlighter shade.
6) NYX Bronze- a cheaper product that looks very pretty on darker skin.
7)  Urban Decay Roach- a slightly reddish shade that is subtle enough for daytime.
8) NYX Dark Brown- very versatile shade, and affordable.
9) NARS Galapagos- stunning and a must-have for me.
10) Stila Go Lightly- a pretty, brownish shade with lots of shimmer.

If anyone wants to weigh in, leave some more shades in the comments section. :)

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