Review: Wet n Wild Petal Pusher Palette

What does Petal Pusher mean anyway? Is it a guy who hangs out on street corners, beckoning a finger, and then opens his coat to reveal several posies, ready for sale? Ugh, I have too many weird thoughts.

Anyway, I’m reviewing Petal Pusher today.

The first row of swatches (on the left side):

The second row of swatches (on the right side):

With the Comfort Zone palette, I feel satisified with the overall performance of the palette. With Petal Pusher, I feel disappointed. The pigmentation and ease of use improved as I went from Browbone to Definer. The Crease and Definer shades perform fairly well and blend nicely. They are a little powdery, so I pat on instead of sweep on. The Browbone and Eyelid shades leave much to be desired. The Eyelid shades are sheer, but I can work with them. The intensity can be built upon. The Browbone shades were horrible. Patchy, gritty and too sheer. I had to really sweep my brush across my skin to get it to blend properly. I would not even use them if they were not included in this palette. Normally, I try to use up any makeup I have so it does not go to waste, but I wouldn’t even give these away. When I use the other shades up, I’ll just toss the whole thing, even if there’s plenty of the Browbone shades left.

Pros: Affordable, contains two great shades (Definer shades) and two decent shades (Crease shades), nice colors.
Cons: Subpar quality on four shades (Eyelid and Browbone), not very sturdy packaging.

Grade: B-

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