As promised, I bought the “dupes” for this palette and tried them against the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone shades.

Comfort Zone palette

According to Temptalia, the alleged dupes/similar shades are:

-Left Browbone=MAC Ricepaper
-Left Eyelid= MAC Jest
-Left Crease= MAC Soba
-Left Definer= MAC Smut

Please note, Christine does not say that these are exact dupes. She does state that they are somewhat similar but there are differences. I wanted to try these out and see for myself.

MAC Ricepaper vs. Left Browbone:

L-R: Browbone, Ricepaper.

L-R: Browbone, Ricepaper.

The base colors are similar, but WnW Browbone is more shimmer infused and intense.

MAC Jest vs. Left Eyelid:

L-R: Left Eyelid, MAC Jest

L-R: Left Eyelid, MAC Jest

WnW Left Eyelid is darker and more shimmery than Jest. They both are peachy, but Jest is a lighter, softer peach.

MAC Soba vs. Left Crease (among others):

L-R: UD Smog, MAC Romp, MAC Soba, Left Crease.

Even though Soba was the main focus, I wanted to try some other shades I suspected might be close. UD Smog is similar, but more bronze than golden. MAC Romp is too light, and Soba is nowhere near close to Left Crease.

There’s no comparison between Smut and Left Definer. Why? Because I saw swatches of Smut online, and it looked close enough to Left Definer for me to avoid getting it. If there are differences, they are minimal, and I don’t really want another dark brown eyeshadow that badly.

I do own MAC Blue Brown pigment:

L-R: MAC Blue Brown, Right Definer

L-R: MAC Blue Brown, Right Definer

The only notable difference is that Blue Brown is more shimmery and sparkly. Otherwise, they are very close in color.

What do you guys think? Found any other dupes in this palette?