“We have a special need
To feel that we belong
Come with me inside
Inside my velvet rope”

-Janet Jackson

Let’s follow Ms. Jackson’s advice and head inside NYX’s Velvet Rope…..

The first row of shades:


1) Whitish pale pink with silver sparkles. The sparkles don’t show up much on skin, at least not enough to create a glitterfest.

2) Black with a satin finish. This was the least pigmented shade in the palette.

3) A deep rich purple with a satin finish. This is reminiscent of NYX Deep Purple and similar shades.

4) A medium pink with a shimmer finish. This is similar to UD Hotpants. Hotpants might be a tad darker.

5) A royal purple with a satin finish.

The second row:


1) A blackish-purple shade loaded with burgundy glitter. This is similar to MAC Beauty Marked. The sparkles don’t show up much when swatched.

2) A vibrant violet shade with a satin finish. It reminds me of UD Flash.

3) A pink-tinged violet with a satin finish. It is similar to UD Fishnet.

4) A navy blue with a satin finish. This makes me think of a lighter MAC Contrast.

5) A deep purple loaded with blue and silver sparkles. The glitter does not show up much when swatched.

I wore all these shades in various ways. They lasted for about 7-8 hours on me, with primer. The one shade that faded badly and did not work for me at all was the black shade. However, this was the only problem child. The others were buttery smooth and blended onto my skin flawlessly.

Usually, I feel like palettes give me a handful of winners and a handful of duds. Thankfully, I got only one dud with Velvet Rope.  It’s about 0.49oz (14g) and costs abour $8.50 at Cherry Culture. You might have to pay about $10-11 if you get it at a beauty supply store.

Pros: Affordable cost, 9 amazing shades, a good variety of purples and like colors, pigmented shades that apply smoothly, buttery texture.
Cons: One poor shade, the glitter shades don’t apply true-to-color when swatched.

Grade: A