With the stifling heat on it’s way (for some, it’s already here), many of us are hunting for a setting powder that will combat oiliness, melting makeup and sweaty faces.

For me, Captain Miracle is the MAC Blot Powder.

Photo courtesy of maccosmetics.com

It not only sets my makeup, it keeps my face shine-free for at least 6 hours. I marvel at how well it works! I love this product to bits! I’ve hit pan on it. I own so much makeup, it takes me years to hit pan in most cases. With MAC Blot Powder, I cherish every particle.

My one qualm with this is the fact that MAC does not label the shades correctly. The shade I usually buy in MAC powders (Medium Dark) is a touch too light for my NC42 skin. Next time I buy this, I’ll pick up Dark.

MAC sells my HG powder for $23 (12 g/ 0.42 US oz).

Tell me about you favorite powder? How well does it work under the burning sun? :)