Just like greasy foods need paper towels to soak up that excess oil, our faces need papers to soak up the oil we don’t want on our skin.

That’s why I stock up on NYX Blotting Papers.

Photo credit: hipsterchic.com

I was in love with The Body Shop Blotting Papers for ages, but at the time it was $10 for 2 packs of papers. As my Scrooge McDuck vault diminished, I started to look for a cheaper version. I settled on NYX’s cute paper envelope filled with thin sheets perfect for wiping up oil.

I pay about $3 for these at Cherry Culture. When there’s a sale going on, I tend to get a little out of hand. I try to get at least 6 packs.

What? I’m an oily chick! :P

How you guys handle your oily faces?