You knew this was coming. Anything with the words “chocolate” and “almond” and I’m…well….you’d better get your hands out of the way!

Look at how gorgeous these bars are!

Photo credit: Chagrin Valley Soap and Craft

I used up this sweet smelling bar recently. Let’s take a look at the website’s claims:

“Organic coconut milk creates a silky, rich, and creamy conditioning lather.  Enriched with natural skin conditioning cocoa butter and swirled with a soap layer made with cocoa powder and skin softening chocolate. Cocoa Butter complements the Sweet Almond oil creating the ultimate moisturizing soap. The essential oil blend creates a luscious amaretto scent”.

It did feel pretty nice on my skin. Silky? A little bit. Rich? Not so much. Creamy conditioning lather. Nada.

I loved the scent of it. It was like warm cookies, fresh out the oven, waiting to be devoured. Like many other Chagrin Valley soaps, the scent did not linger after I stepped out of the shower. I did feel quite clean afterwards, which is the whole point of a soap bar.

The company calls it “the ultimate moisturizing soap”. I call it “the decent cleansing but not very moisturizing soap”. Don’t get me wrong, I experienced no dry skin with this baby, but I didn’t feel as though I could skip the body lotion once I dried off. My oily skin still need some conditioning.

So, as much as I was hoping to love this soap (who doesn’t love chocolate almond on their body??!!!) I can’t recommend it for anything other than the nice smell.

Pros: Adequately cleans skin, amazing smell, reasonable price.
Cons: Not very moisturizing, basically an average soap with a nice smell.

Grade: B-

Ingredients: Saponified oils of safflower, organic palm, coconut, olive, virgin cocoa butter; sweet almond, castor bean; organic coconut milk; water; organic fair trade cocoa powder; organic dark chocolate; essential oils of bitter almond, lemon; organic cornstarch

Available at: Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve. 1.5 oz bars are $2.60. 7 oz bars are $7.35