Rise and shine, pretties! It’s another Tuesday and we’re chatting about our week so far on Tuesday Talk.

Yesterday I visited a very dear friend of mine and brought along a batch of cinnamon streusel topped blueberry muffins. My friend loved them so much, she wants to convince her congregation to hire me to make a few dozen for their annual picnic. Martha Stewart? Who’s that? :D

I’m also still searching for a temporary foster home for my 2 cats. I recently moved in with relatives, and they are not letting me keep my fur babies. :( If you  know anyone who can help me, please email me (themakeuptrain@yahoo.com). I would have cat food and supplies shipped to the foster home. I know this is a huge responsibility.

1) How are you today?: Taking it easy (or at least trying to). I have to continue calling and checking with animal shelters that could help me find a foster home for my cats.

2) Favorite mascara?: Smashbox Bionic. Oh, if only I could afford to buy this all the time!

3) Best childhood memory?: My grandfather taking me on the merry go round when I was 6 or 7, and my mother preparing a cheese omelette and sliced plantains for my 7th birthday breakfast.

4) Favorite summer beverage?: Where do I start? LOL. I love tropical fruit juices like guava, pineapple, etc (Goya markets them in a wide range of flavors), homemade lemonade, Trader Joe’s Organic Iced Tea, and ice water.

5) Any plans for this week?: Rearrange my boxes and try to put some stuff away (still unpacking), keep calling animal shelters.

Cut and paste the following:

1) How are you today?:

2) Favorite mascara?:

3) Best childhood memory?:

4) What’s your favorite summer beverage?:

5) Any plans for this week?