Welcome to another installment of The Toolbox, where I’ll be talking about the brushes and tools I love and use all the time.

The item I’ll be discussing today is my professional eyelash curler (the one I keep in my pro kit).  It is one that is world famous and much loved by many beauty enthusiasts.

Photo credit: Instyle.com

It’s such a critically acclaimed beauty tool because… well, it truly works well! It’s as simple as that. I bought it because I wanted a lash curler that would deliver a perfect curl  without pinching or hurting clients/models. With this curler, it’s no fuss no muss. Even clients who don’t normally use an eyelash curler tell me how comfortable they are with this one.

I bought mine from Sephora years ago, but I don’t think it’s sold there anymore. You can try Amazon or Ebay.