These days, Dior has taken to television and the web to energize their brand and connect with a modern generation. Recently, Charlize Theron took a walk through the Hall of Mirrors  in Versailles wearing a stunning gold gown, surrounded by the icons of Old Hollywood.

I love the new Dior mini film (also filmed at Versailles). It is gorgeously shot and beautifully crafted.

The music played in the video is one of my favorite songs, “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode. :)

Some have complained about the use of contemporary music in these commercials. I think the reason for this decision is quite evident, especially in the most recent Charlize commercial. That particular video is a mix of the past and present (new Hollywood glamour girl Charlize, and the beauties of past eras) and an archaic setting (Versailles) contrasted with an upbeat, fun song (“Heavy Cross” by Gossip).  It was meant to pay homage to the old standards of beauty, while acknowledging that a new era of fashion and beauty, ushered in by Charlize (and Eva Green, and Natalie Portman) is now taking place.

Personally,  I think Dior is wise to mix things up and attempt to connect with today’s audience. It reveals that they are capable of thinking outside the box, and they are not stuck in the past.

Anyone want to weigh in? Did you love the new commercial? Hate it? Think it’s just another way to sell perfume?