Wet n Wild Fergie Nail Polish Swatches

I am not someone who typically buys something just because a certain celebrity puts their name on it (if I were, you could bet your ass I would own every Gwen Stefani-related item ever created). But when I saw a display of Wet n Wild Fergie polishes, my weakness for pretty nail polish kicked in and I bought four bottles.

I’m not a Fergie fan, but I must say, the lady (or the Dutchess, rather) knows her nail polish and all things nail art. I was very happy when I tested these out and found them to be quite pigmented, chip resistant and barely needing more than one coat.

Blue Eyed Soul

Blue Eyed Soul is a steely blue loaded with microshimmer. I achieved fairly good opacity with one coat, but followed up with a second coat for insurance. China Glaze Midnight Mission is a little darker, less steel gray and more glitter flecked.


Dutchess is a purple, blue and teal glitter polish in a sheer deep blue base. I think this would work best as a layering polish. It looked beautiful on top of Blue Eyed Soul (and I forgot to take a photo, of course!). Temptalia gave it a D-, but I found the issue of the polish lacking in opacity the worst issue. It wasn’t very gloppy for me, but I kept it under 2 coats. I still think it’s redeemable when it’s used as a one coater on top of a creme polish. A dupe is Wet n Wild Spoiled Believe Me, It’s Real.

Grammy Gold

Grammy Gold is a champagne gold metallic polish. The brush strokes weren’t too bad with this one. I achieved full opacity with just one coat. I have been on a gold kick for the past month, and this hits the spot for me.


I saved the best for last. Ferguson Crest Syrah is a gorgeous deep wine with purple tones and pink shimmer. It’s not grainy or gritty in texture after it dries. The photo does not do it justice, it’s really beautiful in person.

Do any of these pique your interest? Do you love Wet n Wild polishes? Hate ’em? Think they’re A-OK?

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