I heard from a stylist that Sprinkle With Grace was thebomb.com. So of course, I had to place an order to find out if it was really all that and a bag of chips.

Too much slang for you? Okay, I’ll quit it.

SWG haul

What I bought:

-Rose Clay Facial Bar
-All Natural Tooth Powder
-Brown Sugar Body Buff

I was also give free samples of the Avocado Facial Bar and a Cocoa & Coffee Facial Mask. It’s very generous of them to send those! Especially when the Avocado Facial Bar is a rather large piece and not a wimpy sliver of soap.

tooth powder

body polish



avocado bar

Avocado bar unwrapped.

Avocado bar unwrapped.

So far I’ve tried the Avocado Facial Bar, the Body Buff and the Tooth Powder. The facial bar is lovely and leaves my face feeling soft and cleansed. It does a good of removing my sunblock and makeup without making my skin too dry. The body polish is really nice for exfoliating. It doesn’t dissolve right away like some other sugar scrubs I’ve tried. It makes my skin feel very smooth after I rinse it off. The tooth powder is effective so far. My teeth feel very clean after I use it, but it has no real flavor/scent and I have to thoroughly rinse out my mouth. Granules stick around and bother me if I don’t rinse at least 3 times. I will keep using it and see how well it works. I think I just need to become adjusted to using a powder to clean my teeth instead of  a paste.

What should I review first?  Is there anything you’d want to try. 

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