My Favorite Color is seemingly a favorite lipstick shade of one of my favorite actresses. 

I can see why she likes it so much.

MFC tube


MFC name


It’s a muted medium brown with strong red tones. One  could even call it a rust-like shade. What keep this color from being too muddy or dark is its sheer formula. 




It’s not pink enough to be called a rose shade (although other bloggers have labeled it “rose”  and “earthy pink”). It’s certainly a good neutral/everyday shade for tanned/dark people.

MFC swatch



MFC lips



I didn’t have any problems with the texture or feel of this lipstick. I like more opaque lipsticks, so I may not put this one in my stash. A problem I did encounter was its unpleasant, slightly plastic-like smell (something I find more often in cheaper lipsticks). It also smelled a little like artificial vanilla (which might have been added to mask the strong plastic smell).  I paid about $10 for this lipstick, so I wasn’t expecting such a weird scent. 

Would I repurchase this shade? Probably not. If a friend wants this I would hand it over. The sheer formula does not work for me personally, but the product performs well in all other regards. If you like the natural look you might like this. What I cannot stomach is the smell. If your nose is sensitive you might want to avoid this one. 

Available CVS for $9.99. Nuance is often on sale for BOGO 50% off.