Eco Emi Box- August 2013

Having heard much chatter about Birchbox and Julep, I decided to try for a more natural version. I found a company called Eco Emi.

It works on the same concept as Birchbox. Every month there’s a box filled with cosmetic samples and food samples for you to test out. The difference is that Eco Emi is eco-friendly and more natural.

My first box arrived this month.



Disposable wooden utensils.

Disposable wooden utensils.spoons package








nut butter





So far I’ve tried the cookies and the nail polish. Cookies were not bad. The nail polish is sort of thick, but after I let 2 coats dry it looked smooth on my nails. So no harm, no foul. Check out their page here.

I’m kind of pleased by my box. I thought it would be crummy (many of my friends have complained about Birchbox being less than impressive), but no, it’s actually worth $15 a month.  I’ll test out the other products and write up another post on them.


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