In my Lakme haul, I received one Ginger Suprise blush that I was happy to try out. I love blushes, and peachy shades are my favorite.

ginger blush1

Ginger is a deep peach with darker orange tones.

ginger blush

The finish is more satin-like, with hardly any shimmer.

ginger swatch

The color is lovely and the application was decent. I was able to apply and blend out the color well without any blotchiness or problems, It wasn’t too powdery or sheer.

This all made me happy, but there was one problem: the blush didn’t last more than 2 hours on my face. I have oily skin, so many blushes fade quicker than normal on me, but 2 hours? That’s just pitiful. And disappointing. No one wants to have to reapply blush every 2-3 hours. I could understand some fading after 4 hours, but after the 2 hour mark the color was completely gone from my cheeks.

Pros: Lovely color, applies nicely, comes in nice packaging.
Cons: Does not last more than 2-3 hours.

Grade: D