China Glaze Autumn Night Swatches

I have four of the collection’s shades to show you.

Rendez-vous With You

Rendez-vous With You


A dark gothic purple with silver microshimmer. In some lights it looks like it has pink microshimmer.

Strike Up a Cosmo

Strike Up a Cosmo



A dusty rose foil shade. It reminds me a little of OPI Meet Me on the Star Ferry.

Gossip Over Gimlets

Gossip Over Gimlets


A silver foil shade with gold microshimmer.  This really stands out against tanned skin, Some say Wet n Wild Fergie in Goin’ Platinum is a similar shade.

Goldie But Goodie

Goldie But Goodie


A melted gold foil shade. It looks like true gold. Not too yellow or copper. I like the way it looks on me,

See anything you like? Have I succeeded in tempting you all into getting a couple of these? :D

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