When fall rolls around, I always get bitten by Vamp the Vampy Polish Vampire (puncture marks are minimal and heal quickly). I can never pass up a gorgeous dark and shimmery vampy polish.

Muir Muir On the Wall (from the San Francisco collection) is the one OPI shade I’ve bought since last year. It looks so much like Every Month is Oktoberfest, and I think that’s what drew me to it.

That, and Michelle Mismas recommended it. I follow her every word as though gold coins were falling out of her mouth.



It’s a dark burgundy with plum tones.



Where Every Month is Oktoberfest is more deep burgundy, MMOTW is more plum. The same goes for OPI Germanicure (more reddish based). MMOTW is like a dark, deep version of Zoya Rihana. If you add more black to Rihana’s base you’d get a similar color.

What do you guys think? Too ordinary? Unique enough for you to pick up?