Zoya Nail Polishes in Storm and Aurora

To say I am a bit backlogged on nail polish swatches would be way, way understating it. I now have to store nail polish in bags under my desk. My shoebox container is overflowing.

If only I could spend a week swatching all day, during daylight hours. Then I might be able to get through….10% of what I have.

Storm and Aurora are two pretties that have been waiting a while for an appearance here. Lucky for us, the wait hasn’t diminished their dazzling beauty.




Storm is a FREAKING AWESOME black nail polish with rainbow holo glitter. I am so glad I bought it because it’s THE holo to own. I have been on a huge holo nail polish kick recently and Storm is one of the best holos I own.







Aurora is a purple magenta with rainbow holo glitter.  Zoya’s website describes it as a “sugarplum magenta”. On me it leans a little more magenta than plum.







If holos are your thing, I recommend these two. You can thank me later. :)

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