I got these two natural ointments in my Eco Emi boxes.

The Natural Apothecary All Purpose Healing Salve:




I have a gnarly scar mark on my leg that is stubbornly refusing to disappear. It’s a relatively new scar so there’s a good chance I can get it to fade. Nothing worked…until i started using this product. The scar looks much lighter now and I’m pretty sure that with exfoliation and constant salve application it’ll fade completely in due time. 

The next item I want to talk about is this lip balm: 




Even though it’s labeled “pumpkin”, it smells more like cinnamon. Despite the smell, I like how shiny it is on my lips and how well it covers. It’s a little greasy, but I like this for the cold winter because I feel like it does moisturize my lips when I need it. I don’t really use lip balm most of the time because lipstick usually protects my lips. I reach for this lip balm when I’m working at home and my lips feel a little parched. It’s a decent product, but if you have seriously dry lips, you might not find this to be sufficient.  I want to get their Peppermint lip balm and see how well that one performs.

The Natural Apothecary store.

Tulips Apothecary store.