Essie Winter 2013 Collection

Essie usually pleases me with their winter collections.

Yet again, I am pleased. Pleased I am. Pleased I shall remain.

I have four shades to show you: Shearling Darling, Mind Your Mittens, Toggle to the Top and Sable Collar.








Shearling Darling:


A pretty average brownish dark red creme. It applied nicely and evenly in two coats.


Mind Your Mittens:


A dark blue with a deep smokey base. It’s a creme that applies well in two coats. If OPI Ski Teal We Drop is a smokey teal, MYM is the navy blue counterpart to that polish.


Toggle to the Top:

I decided to compare this one to last year’s Leading Lady. I know some will be wondering if they should spring for TttT if they already own LL.

tt comp

On the thumb, middle and pinky: Leading Lady
On the index and ring: Toggle to the Top

Toggle to the Top is more of a burgundy color with red glitter. Leading Lady is a cherry red color with red glitter. TttT reminds me of Rescue Beauty Lounge Black Russian.

Toggle to the Top

Toggle to the Top

Leading Lady
Leading Lady

Sable Collar:


This was the shade I was most intrigued by. It’s in the same family as Chanel Paradoxal and Revlon Perplex/Naughty. A greige shimmer that leans a little more plum than true purple.

What do you all think? Do you want to get any of these for holiday manicures?

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