When I heard of Darling Girl Cosmetics, I decided to try them out. I’d heard good things about them and the prices were affordable. I ordered the Blogger Review Set and a Watercolor Paint Pot.

With the Review Set, you get to choose 5 colors.







Watercolor Paint Pot in Haystacks:




From left to right: Go, Go Godzilla, Buffy (more pink than I had hoped for), Honey Pot (must-have for tanned people), Cut Me Deeper and Fra-gee-lay.



Watercolor Paint Pot in Haystacks. This is a beautiful shimmery bronze shade.



Evanescent eyeshadow. I got this as a free gift. I though it would be very neutral, but it’s actually a color shifting shade and a little tricky to pin down.

Here it is with flash:






It’s a taupe that is almost greige to my eyes  when it’s photographed with flash.

I tried out Honey Pot, Buffy, Fra-gee-lay and Go, Go Godzilla. I love them! They definitely work best when used with a damp, stiff-ish brush, and I recommended layering them over an eyelid primer. They’re loose eyeshadows, so you definitely need a base for them. The Watercolor Paint Pot is a dream come true. It applies beautifully, stays put for hours and does not crease. What sorcery is this, Susan (she’s DG’s owner, btw)? DG recommends you keep the Paint Pot in the little baggie it comes in to delay the drying out process. If there wasn’t a chance they’d dry out I would buy more Paint Pots and stockpile them.

Cut Me Deeper was a little more difficult to work with. Darker shades tend to give me problems, so I want to play with CMD some more and see if I can get it to work better. Evanescent has been swatched, but I haven’t tested it for wear time/quality. Considering how great the other products are, I have high hopes.

Darling Girl Cosmetics can be purchased here.

What are your favorite indie companies?