The wonderful and fabulous Samantha of Kiss My Sparkle wrote a post on this set. Once I saw it, I immediately ordered it.

Anything Harry Potter is my kinda jazz. I’ve bought the candy (Chocolate Frogs, Every Flavor Jellybeans, Jelly Slugs), the DVDs, and even got my brother the Gryffindor costume for Halloween. I can be suckered into buying Potter merchandise. Even if it’s a girdle. I wouldn’t wear it. I would just lay it out and look at it all day.

A girdle is not as fun as makeup. I really get a kick out of the fact that an indie company finally created a Harry Potter collection.




The first column (top to bottom): Always, Headmaster, House Elf.
The second column (top to bottom): You Know Who, Mischief Managed, Golden Trio.

harry potter

L-R: You Know Who, Mischief Managed, Golden Trio, Always, Headmaster, House Elf.

A closer shot of You Know Who (it reminds me of NARS Night Porter)


My thoughts: The quality is really quite good! I used these over a primer without any mixing medium. I love the names. It’s a nice mix of obvious choices and more inconspicuous moments in the series. Mischief Managed is especially gorgeous. When I saw it on Samantha I thought it looked great on her, but I wasn’t sure if it would be right for me. It’s a really pretty sparkly eyeshadow that is neutral enough to work for me. If you want just one eyeshadow from this set, get Mischief Managed.

I’m impressed! This will most certainly not be my last order from Geek Chic.

Good news: the set is now on sale. Click here.