L’Oreal Nail Color Swatches

I’m blasting you with a slew of L’Oreal nail polish photos. Between the CVS Beauty Clearance, two trips to the Cosmetics Market and a couple of bidding wars on Ebay, I acquired a handsome lot of L’Oreal polishes.

So sit back. Get comfortable. And prepare to be spammed.

The Mystic’s Fortune:


The Devil Wears Red:

the devil

Safari Chic:



Lilac Coolers (a little darker in person and quite sheer):



Greycian Goddess:



Paparazzi Pleaser:




Stroke of Midnight:



Precious Coral:



Jet Set to Paris:

jet set


Breaking Curfew:







Charmed, I’m Sure:



I was fairly happy with most of these. Lilac Coolers was the worst of the bunch. The formula was very, very sheer and nowhere near to the color in the bottle when on the nails. Stroke of Midnight turned out to be quite blue-toned on me and a little streaky, but not bad at all. Breaking Curfew was a little uneven in application, but it still works as a staple vampy.


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