CoCoLacQuer in Tiffany Blue

In my first Eco Emi box, I received a small bottle of this popular Tiffany box blue colored nail polish.

There was no name on the bottle, but the website seems to indicate that this shade is Tiffany Blue.




The color is right up my alley (if you didn’t know already this, you’re off my Xmas card list!). It’s very similar to shades like CG For Audrey and Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint.

The formula was a little thick and applied a little unevenly. For the most part, it dried and looked fine after drying. I think you can work with it. I would like to try some more shades from CoCoLacQuer before I decide that it’s an issue with the line itself or perhaps one faulty bottle of polish.

CoCoLacQuer is 4 free (no toulene, camphor, formaldehyde or DBP). Check out their website.

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