Review: Brija Cosmetics Whitelighter Eyeshadow

I received Whitelighter in an Eco Emi box.





From Brija Cosmetics’s Etsy shop:

“The Charmed Collection is Brija’s first collection of 6 shadows! Full collection and individual shadows can be purchased on
Whitelighters in Charmed are angels that protect witches. They wear a white ivory gown with a yellow golden strip down the center.

Whitelighter is a light yellow gold with a white brightening base. A sheer wash over the lid gives a beautiful gold glow. Great to brighten the inner corner as well!”

In my opinion, Whitelighter is  a pale yellow gold that leans whitish. It contains shimmer.



The color was quite light on me, but not ashy. I wore it over an eyelid primer with no mixing medium. It applied pretty well to my eyelids, but I did pack it on as opposed to brushing it on.

The swatch on my arm blended away and faded when I ran a finger across it. There wasn’t any color left, only some subtle shimmer. You will definitely need at least an eyeshadow primer if you use this product. I recommend a mixing medium, but I was able to work without one. I got perhaps 5 hours of wear time before I saw some fading.


Pros: Good highlighting shade, inexpensive,  soft, lasts for 5 hours  and easy to work with if you pat it on, can be used on cheeks as a soft highlighter.
Cons: Does not do well without a base or primer (some may find this difficult to work with), does not last past 6 hours, there is some fallout.

Grade: B+

Brija Cosmetics can be purchased here. 


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