I received this in an Eco Emi box. 




Marie Natie Cosmetics is a company that focuses on natural ingredients and (according to their website), do not create their products using parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, petro-chemicals or phthalates.




The shade I received is called “Love Struck”, which the website labels as “fuchsia”.

To me, Love Struck is a sheer strawberry red shade.




It imparts a very pretty rosy red tint on my lips. It is quite sheer, but does cover my lips fairly well. There’s no unevenness or splotchy application.

It covers my lips as a thickish (but not gloopy) balm-gloss hybrid. No, a lip balm and lip gloss cannot make babies. But if they did, the consistency would be something like this one: not greasy or easily smeared, but slightly thicker than the average gloss while still being spreadable. It feels very comfortable on.

I wore this for about 3 hours without needing to touch up.

I recommend this if you prefer natural/organic makeup and don’t mind spending a bit more. It can be difficult to find lip gloss that really is natural, so if that’s your thing, check out Marie Natie.

Pros: Nice shade (albeit misnamed), nice formula, applies smoothly, smells good, contains natural ingredients.
Cons: Doesn’t last too long, somewhat expensive.

Grade: A-

Marie Natie Lip Gloss is sold here.  It’s $18 CAD for a full sized tube.