Truthfully, I have two from Oh My Mod (Feel the Vibe and Chick Chick) and one from Mod in Bloom (Nice Stems).

Feel the Vibe




Feel the Vibe is a deep tangerine creme.




Chick Chick



Chick Chick is a canary yellow creme.



Nice Stems



Nice Stems is a pale blue creme with slight green tones. It photographed  a little more blue. It’s similar to China Glaze For Audrey, but it’s a little lighter in color.



I had issues with the quality and application. All three went on streaky. They dried down well enough for me to apply a second coat without any problems. The final results were not bad, but not spectacular either. You can see VNL with Chick Chick and some unevenness overall. I would not recommend these unless you were desperate for one of these shades and you had to run into a drugstore to buy nail polish. The colors are nice, but the formula isn’t worth the hassle. I recommend trying for a better quality polish if you want a basic orange or yellow.