Ciate Mini Nail Polish Swatches

A few Ciate minis found their way into my stash.

Darn nail polishes. Always meander their way into my nail polish-hungry hands. :D




L-R: Twilight, Mojito, Glass Slipper, Play Date.

As you can see, Mojitio and Glass Slipper have opacity issues. Mojito is definitely streaky.



Candy Cane and Tinsel Town



Candy Cane wasn’t as great as I had hoped for. Tinsel Town would make a good layering polish.




My favorites are Twilight, Tinsel Town and Play Date.


5 responses to “Ciate Mini Nail Polish Swatches

  1. Hm, I see what you mean about Candy Cane – when I first saw the swathc, I thought ‘Oh, that’s gorgeous!’ and then I looked closer, and thought again – it looks like it’s a bit too tricky to work with for my taste!

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