Karitex Organic Shea Butter

A pouch (yes, I said pouch.  But not a kangaroo pouch. Although that would be kinda neat to receive a kangaroo in the mail) of shea butter arrived in an Eco Emi box.

I’ve tried raw shea butter before. I used to purchase plastic tubs of very yellow, slightly waxy African shea butter from street vendors in Harlem. That product was good, but it did stain my clothing and was a little too waxy for my liking.

When I tried Karitex’s version, I was FLOORED. This stuff is what I’ve been waiting for all my life!

Okay, maybe not all my life. I am pretty sure I spent the first 10 years of my life waiting for Paula Abdul to call me and ask me to tour with her as a backup dancer. :P



It is as soft as cookie dough, but not sticky, waxy or grainy.

This is what it looks like when I pinch a little out of the pouch.

This is what it looks like when I pinch a little out of the pouch.

I cut a slit into the side of the pouch and squeeze a little out. It’s just the right consistency for this method. I am able to remove the amount I need.



You can see how pliable it is in the above photo. The heat from my hands warms it up. I then rub it into my skin and get a luxurious, deep moisturizing experience. This has been a lifesaver this past winter, when my legs get super dry.

My skin feels much softer and smoother the next day. I find that I can actually skip a day of moisturizing when I use this.

Karitex, thank you for changing my skincare routine. I will be buying this when my pouch runs out (ha, that tickles me!) I love the eco-friendly packaging so much. It’s great to see a company put some thought into their carbon footprint.

Now that I’ve found a great shea butter, I can go back to waiting on Paula’s phone call. It’s been 20 years. Did she lose my number? :P

Karitex’s online store. 

4 responses to “Karitex Organic Shea Butter

  1. Oh wow, no kidding! Pure shea butter in a pouch! I mean I’ve tried stuff with 30% shea butter and so on, but pure? Never! Sounds like a luxury!

  2. Sounds amazing! :-D I coat myself in The Body Shop’s Body Butters every day, but I agree with Sunny – the pure thing sounds like something a queen might use – do you bathe in milk, too? :-D

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