Eco Emi- April 2014 Edition

Look what came in the mail!











I swatched the Love Dust and found that it is sheer and leaves a very subtle shimmer. It’s good enough for conservation evenings out when you want your skin to glow a little.

I tried the Honey snack and I think it’s so-so. It had a very strong energy bar flavor which I wasn’t overly fond of.

I have to try the toothpaste and eye makeup remover later this week. They must have forgotten to include a note about the bath fizzy or someone put it in my box without realizing it. Either way, it’s mine now! :D

8 responses to “Eco Emi- April 2014 Edition

  1. Hi, nice post. I’ve been curious about this box since I avoid cosmetics that are chemical-laden. Maybe I’ll give them a try. If you are interested, I just received a box from Goodebox which contained some pretty good non-toxic personal care and cosmetic items.

    • That sounds very intriguing! Thanks for telling me.I hope you try out Eco Emi. I’ve been with them since Sept. 2013 and I really like what I’ve gotten so far.

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