Red Lips Necklace from 9th Floor Jewelry

I’ve been obsessing over red lips accessories of late.

I figure it was inevitable. My cravings for red lips really could not be satisfied with only tubes of the crimson substance. It’s overflowed into accessories.

As long as I don’t end up residing in a house shaped like red lips, I think this obsession is manageable for now. ;)



It arrived in a shiny red bubble wrap-lined enveloped, and the necklace itself came in a nicely wrapped box.


The seller was wonderful to work with. The original length of this piece was 24 inches. I asked her to shorten it to 18, and she very graciously agreed to fulfill my wishes.






Here’s the pendant near a Zoya nail polish bottle for size comparison.



It’s a sturdy metal pendant on a silver chain. It doesn’t feel too heavy or clunky.

Check out 9th Floor’s shop.  

6 responses to “Red Lips Necklace from 9th Floor Jewelry

  1. Does it make me weird that I’m more attracted to the shiny red packaging than the actual necklace? It’s probably a rogut +shinies thing… :-P

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