Darkenrose Earrings

I got two prettyful pairs of earrings from Darkenrose Jewellery.




The ribbon is cute. It’s kinda odd that I am enthralled by the ribbon, when I should be focusing on the earrings, huh?





These are “Pearl filigree Art Nouveau earrings”






These are “Victorian emerald crystal earrings”






Darkenrose Jewellery makes “Beautiful handcrafted jewellery with an emphasis on Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco, also Renaissance and the Gothic – romantic, elegant, unusual, divine. I use designs taken from original vintage tooling, crystal, resin, enamel, gemstone and shell.”

I cannot find a single piece in their shop I dislike. I really can’t. I sense danger ahead for my wallet….

They are located in the UK. Given this fact, it took a reasonable amount of time to receive my package. My items were packaged well and nothing arrived damaged or broken.

Check out their Etsy shop.

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