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Eco Emi- August 2014

So, um, it appears that time has speed up and we are actually in August right now. Not September.

Did it work? Do they believe me?

*looks around eagerly*

Here’s what I got in my latest Eco Emi box









The roasted seaweed was good, but unremarkable. I liked the flavored nuts, but they didn’t seem to be anything special or worth buying. I think it’s mostly because I don’t really buy flavored nuts or enhanced nut mix.

I feel kind of underwhelmed with this box. Eco Emi seems to be sending a lot of body/face wipes recently. It seems to be a little contradictory for an eco-friendly company, in my opinion.

I am curious about the face powder. I’ll be reviewing that soon.

This was in a previous Eco Emi box, and I’ve been using it for a while.



It’s a slightly waxy lip balm with a fresh wintermint scent.



It definitely feels a little oily, but it doesn’t have the texture of Vaseline. It’s not as waxy as Burt’s Beewax lip balm.

It moisturizes and soothes my lips for a few hours. There is a cooling sensation from the spearmint oil which is pleasant.

I like that it’s not too greasy because I think greasy lip balms slide off my lips quickly and therefore don’t do a great job of moisturizing and protecting my lips. This balm stays in place and keeps my lips super soft.

You can purchase it here

Whoa….that title is really long! I just couldn’t think of a better way to name everything being swatched in this post.  It’s four lip products, but two are from one line, one is from another line, and the last one is also from another line. I couldn’t just list the names, and it would have been inadequate to call it a Revlon Round-Up.

Wait, why I am wasting time explaining my protracted blog post title? We should be swatching!



First up are the Lacquer Balms:



L-R: Striking, Provocateur


Top: Provocateur
Bottom: Striking

In shade:




In sunlight:




Provocateur is a bright candy red. It’s sort of neutral in the sense that darker skintones can pull it off. It doesn’t look garish on me at all. I quite like it.

Enticing: A brownish red. Predictably, I love this. It’s great on days when I want a more subdued red (if there is such a thing).

Both are fairly opaque and last for a few hours on my lips. The coverage is quite nice. The finish gives off a sheen  but is not as glossy as an actual lip gloss.

Matte Balm in Standout:



Standout is a neutral red with brown tones.

In shade:




In sunlight:



I love the matte balm formula. I own Shameless and I love it to pieces. Standout is just as awesome as Shameless.

Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush.

I’ve long been wanting Crush because I love vampy stains, I love berry colors and Clinique Black Honey never lasts long on me so I always keep an eye out for similarly colored lip balm/stain products.








It is pretty sheer. This is a few swipes on my arm.



It’s a lovely sheer berry color on me. It does need a touch up after a few hours, but it’s nice if I want a softer lip color on a neutral makeup today.

That’s all the swatches I have for you today! What do you think? Yay or nay on these?

I’ve been loving rose gold lately. I have to add more pink jewelry to my wardrobe, but I am trying to find more elegant and sophisticated pieces. Rose gold fits the bill rather nicely.

I found a beautiful pair of rose gold earrings at a shop called Jahobson.

Then I found  a second pair. Then I found another pair. Then I found a necklace I really loved.

Then I remembered that I have student loans to pay off and I stopped finding pieces at that point.

These are called Rose Gold Earrings with Grapefruit Corundrum Quartz Teardrops.





They’re rather lightweight (but not feather light) and seem sturdy.

These are called Peacock Crystal Earrings in Gold Plated Settings with Long Gold Plated Brass Matte Finished Earwires.



I’m glad I chose these because I don’t own anything quite like them. They’re not too green or bronze, pretty and eye-catching, not too ostentatious but also elegant enough to wear to a party or function.

The service was great. Everything was packaged nicely and my order didn’t take ages to arrive.




Here’s the shop’s page.

It was one of those things: I didn’t fall headfirst at our initial meeting, but we learned to get along as time passed.


Oh, I don’t mean the BFF who butted heads with me the first day we met and is now my soul sister. That person doesn’t even exist.

I was talking about Revlon’s newest longwear lipstick. What did you think I was talking about?

Certainly not imaginary BFFs.




I picked up Runway, Supermodel, Fashionista, Trendsetter, Catwalk and Backstage.



L-R: Catwalk, Backstage, Runway, Trendsetter, Supermodel, Fashionista.


So, here’s my story:

When these were first released, I picked up Catwalk just to test out the formula. I usually select a neutral color when trying out a new lipstick line.

Well….lemme just say that Catwalk was not the flawless, perfectly glamorous traipse down the model ramp that Naomi Campbell always delivers. The color itself I loved, but the texture and feel of the lip product took some getting used to. It adhered to my lips in a strange way; it felt almost like paint. It felt odd at first, but I kept wearing it because I needed to use it up, and I eventually got used to it. Once of my favorite things about this is the 7 hour wear time. Yup…..7 hours! I could spend an entire work day running between appointments and not having to worry about touch ups.







Catwalk: A medium golden brown with orange tones. It contains just enough orange to keep it from being a flat brown.

Backstage: A deep burgundy. It’s a little more red, making it not so vampy.

Runway:   A light brown with shimmer. It’s a little peachy-bronze as well.


The way I photographed these three are in reverse order in the swatch photos. In the product photos they are Trendsetter, Supermodel, Fashionista.


Fashionista: A brownish brick red. This is one of my favorites.

Supermodel: A mauve plum.  This is not really my color, but it is a nice color nonetheless.

Trendsetter: A bright cherry red. I think this could work across a variety of skintones. It looks kinda sheer in the swatch pic but it does offer decent coverage


I think these are nice lip products. If you are not sensitive to lipsticks that cling to your lips, I would suggest checking these out. If you have dry lips, you might want to skip these.

Pros: Very long lasting, takes a while to use up a tube (aided by the lack of a need to reapply often), comes in lovely colors, easy to use, slim packaging, affordable.
Cons: Might make some lips uncomfortable, not good for very dry lips.

Grade: A


I haven’t tried Shellac or the trendy gel treatments that have swept the nail polish world. I’ve been happy with regular nail polish so far.

When Revlon released a line of gel-manicure inspired nail polishes, I picked up two shades during a sale, just to see if the claims of “vivid color, brilliant shine and gorgeous life-resistant wear” held true.





Showtime is a stunning grape purple with miniscule blue shimmer and a shiny finish. 



It applied nicely and covered my nails in two coats. The color is really beautiful and eye catching, especially if you’re a fan of purple.

Sky’s the Limit:


Sky’s the Limit is an icy silvery blue with a frosty finish. 



It applied just fine, but it was sheer a couple of spots, even after 2 coats. 

When I was a teenager, I remember seeing a photo of musician Jay Gordon wearing a shade similar to this (but less frosty). For the rest of that year, I longed for that particular pale blue shade. Whenever I see shades like this, that youthful memory resurfaces. :) 

As much as I wanted to love this, I must report that the promises of long wear do not ring true. Two days after the initial application, it chipped on me. It wasn’t a huge chip, but I was still surprised. If this is meant to mimic the effects of a salon gel manicure, it didn’t perform as expected. Not even regular nail polish chips that quickly on me.

If you already purchased one of these polishes, did you have the same experience? If you haven’t bought a bottle, would you try it out anyway?  

Use It Up Vol. 1

I took a page out of EMA’s book- er, I mean blog!- and decided to start focusing on shopping my stash and using up the mountain of products I own instead of buying more items.

I still shop sales, but the fact that I have baskets and containers of unswatched or even unopened makeup and nail polish should tell me that less shopping and more, ya know, actual use of what I own should be happening.

The fact that I have been completely oblivious to this is a testament to my unwillingness to let go of my life goal to own 12,000 lipsticks and all the nail polishes ever created.

What? It’s not an unhealthy or worthless life goal!

Here’s what I used up recently:



-Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner- This was in the Stila Loves Barbie packaging and it is one of my favorite liquid liners. Not only was the formula highly pigmented and easy to work with, the application was of just the right firmness and point: not too stiff, not too big, not too pointy. I loved using this every morning on my upper lashline.

-NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Caramel- A newish product from NARS, I used this one up with no problems at all. I loved it that much. It takes me a while to finish a concealer (despite my daily use of it) but this one was so creamy, easy to blend and work onto my skin that I found myself reaching for it more often than my Benefit pot concealer. My one complaint is that it doesn’t contain as much product as I would like. This tube lasted me one month. I also used it sparingly and didn’t touch up during the day. If you look closely, you can see that I scraped the sides to get all the product out. If that is not a solid gold endorsement, then nothing is.

-Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick- When this particular lip product was released, I bought the shade Catwalk to test out. At first, I didn’t like it. The lipstick was long-lasting as promised, but it adhered to my lips in a way that felt like paint, and I didn’t enjoy the texture of it. However, I kept wearing it, and I now love it. I got used to the odd texture, and I scrub off the remnants of it with a lip scrub. I only reapply once after 6 hours. It is long-lasting, so I can’t complain about that. The color is a gorgeous everyday shade for tan skin.

-Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara in Extreme Black- I used this mascara up (as I do with many mascaras since I don’t like to waste anything) and didn’t take any photos of it on my lashes, so I will repurchase other one for a future review post. I thought it was a decent mascara. It didn’t seem to make my lashes any curlier, but it darkened and lengthened them.

-NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick in Success- It seems like someone put a hex on me. Whenever I fall in love with a lipstick, it gets discontinued! Augghh!! First Avon Wonder Wine, then MAC Charred Red, then Revlon Mulled Wine, and now this. Anyway, this was a lovely midtone brown with slight peach tones that kept it warm and not muddy.

There are two items not pictured: Chagrin Valley Cornmeal and Honey Soap and Fresh as a Daisy Beer Shampoo Bar. I liked both of these. I’ll have to write a full review on the shampoo bar in the future, and I would recommend the cornmeal soap as an exfoliating soap.


Items I will repurchase: All of them eventually. NARS Success is not available for sale anymore *cries*, but the rest I will be repurchasing in the future. I already bought another tube of NARS RCC, and I picked up 2 tubes of Catwalk during a 40% sale on Revlon at Rite Aid. I want to repurchase Stila Stay All Day, but I’m waiting to use up the Milani liquid liner I own and haven’t opened yet.

Eco Emi- July 2014 Edition

I am posting this on August 2nd.

I repeat: I am posting this on August 2nd.

Is there some kind of blogger police that arrests bloggers for posting late posts?

If there is, don’t tell them about me.



They have updated their packaging. Previous boxes were the USPS priority mail boxes.

The new ones are prettier.















I ate the cookie (how could I not?) and I thought it was good. Slightly chewy and a bit like a coconut macaroon. I swatched the eyeliner on my hand. It felt creamy and was pigmented, but I haven’t tested it for wear yet.

I purchased two more of the Gold Dust polishes when they were on sale. I already own The Reign of Studs.

Hidden Gems



HG is a dark teal with a blackened base. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a shade quite like this.

Pop the Bubbles



On me, PtB is a soft baby blue. It looks darker on other people. My tanned skin doesn’t bring out the teal I’ve read about on other blogs. It looks like I dipped my nails in blue sugar. :)

The effect of the textured polish on my nails is gorgeous. It does chip fairly quickly, usually within 2 days of initial application.

Still, I like the look of these and I always use a top coat to extend the wear time. For me, it’s worth the extra work I have to put in in order to wear them.

I found these two at Rite Aid during a 40% off sale on all L’Oreal.

A while back, I picked out these two pretty bracelets on Etsy.

This one is called Rose and Ruby bracelet. I like the unusual shapes of the link pieces.











The Rose bracelet came from Creations of Color.

The second one is a little less conventional. I bought it primarily because I love the character of “Ruby” on Once Upon A Time.

It’s called the Red/Ruby bracelet and it’s from Cissy Pixie.



The seller included an adorable hair pin.




It includes three charms: a basket, a wolf, and a knife/fork set (clever and macabre!)







It also includes two memorable quotes from the character.



I love this and I will surely be shopping with Cissy Pixie in the future.

Check out their shops:

Cissy Pixie

Creations of Color


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