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I got bit by the plum lipstick bug this winter. Those pesky bugs. I need bug spray.

I scored three shades for super cheap at both Rite Aid (Maybelline on sale for 40% off) and at the Cosmetics Market.




L-R: Plum Perfect, Plum Paradise, Dazzling Plum



It’s in the same order as listed above.

Here they are in sunlight:



Dazzling Plum seems to be the only true plum here. Plum Perfect is somewhat brick reddish. Plum Paradise is darker and slightly red.

I really like Plum Perfect and Dazzling Plum. Plum Paradise is nice, it but runs a little close to being frosty for me. I don’t think shimmery lipstick finishes look great on me.

Which ones are your favorites?

OPI Skyfall Collection

This is an old collection from 2012. I was looking through another blogger’s swatches of the Skyfall collection and fell for some of the shades.

As I was looking online for the three shades I wanted, I realized that it would be more economical to get a mini set. That way, I could just buy the one full-sized bottle that isn’t available as a mini, instead of buying 3 full size polishes and wind up paying about $30 in total.

I think the set was $11 and the one bottle was $8.





L-R: GoldenEye, The Spy Who Loved Me, The World is Not Enough, Live and Let Die





L-R: Live and Let Die, The World is Not Enough, The Spy Who Loved Me, GoldenEye



The two shades I really wanted are TWINE (wow, this acronym is actually a word!) and LALD. Since I own hundreds of bottles of nail polish, minis seemed to be the way to go. I will most likely not finish a full bottle of either of these shades.

I couldn’t find a mini bottle of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, so I got the full size.






Live and Let Die is pretty much what I expected it to be on my nails: a dark forest green with subtle shimmer. TWINE is lighter than I expected. On my skintone, champagne pinkish taupes sometimes look a  little lighter. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is also lighter on my skintone. On other people, it’s a darker grey and the blue shimmer is more pronounced. The formula with this one was a little thin, but I was able to work with it. It covered well after three coats.


When I typed LOTD, I almost typed LOTR because I am still obsessed with enchanted rings and hobbits.

Do you have the same thoughts when you see LOTD anywhere?

No? Just me? It figures. Only a weirdo like me would think of fantasy epics when she’s writing a lipstick post.



I applied WnW Ravin’ Raisin first, then applied a little NYX Round Lip Gloss in Golden Prune for shine and added color.

Here it is in sunlight:



Despite the brighter appearance, it is darker in person.

I picked up two shades at Rite Aid when I spotted a display of Bonita nail polishes.

I hadn’t seen this brand around before. I chose a pretty green and a fun hot pink.

Fall and Catch.




Fall and Catch is a bright green with a slight blue undertone and a subtle shimmer. As you can see by the visible nail line, the formula is quite thin. This is two coats.

Miss Piggy



True to the favorite color of the world’s most glamorous sow, Miss Piggy is a bright hot pink that dries down into a semi-matte finish. The formula is kind of thin and difficult to work with. It’s a shame…..the color is gorgeous and one of the few hot pinks I would be thrilled to wear.

My first experience with Bonita nail polishes is not a great one. Both shades have issues with formula and chipping. I’m disappointed because these would make amazing spring colors if only the formula could be improved and the opacity increased.

Ike & Co Earrings Haul

Ack! Is it January already?

I’ve been gone for a long time. The school semester really battered my mental strength and robbed me of all my free time. Free time did not exist last month at all for me. Free time ran away and didn’t want to come back.

So now you know what happens when you have a hectic semester and free time turns its back on you.

But hey, I’m back now and I have some new jewelry to show you!

I first heard about this company through The Pioneer Woman. Much of her taste in jewelry doesn’t really align with my own, but the pieces from this shop attracted me enough to prod me to check out the site. I like the shop’s mix of simple pieces and more interesting designs. The designer’s aesthetic could appeal to lots of people, no matter what your style is.

I chose two pairs of earrings.



One was the same design Ree chose.


The second is a gorgeous pair of small circle drop earrings with opals.



You can see the color a little better here.



I’ve been kind of inspired (like the rest of the world) by the Duchess of Cambridge’s style. I really like her taste in jewelry. She tends to wear small earrings that have subtle detailing and are just sparkly enough to keep them from being too basic. These earrings were selected with that in mind.

Gosh, that was a windy explanation for how I decided on this pair.

Check out Ike & Co.’s shop.

I’m not even going to apologize for skipping October’s CF post. Nope, not gonna apologize.

Not even if you twist my arm. You can go ahead and twist away. It won’t make a difference.

Once you stop hurting my arm, I can tell you what I’ve been into this month.

1) In Mad Love and War by Joy Harjo: I have taken to reading the poetry of Joy Harjo, and I love her work. This is my first book of Joy Harjo poems. Athena willing, I am going to own all of her books someday!

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

2) Renpure Argan Oil Conditioner: Rite Aid had a BOGO free sale on Renpure, and I picked up this conditioner. It’s been working well for me so far: conditioning my hair without weighing it down, not leaving behind a greasy feel, and keep frizzies fairly well tamed. I haven’t used a wash out conditioner in ages, but I might keep a bottle of this around from now on.

3) Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Eye Liner: I actually snagged this in a makeup swap (yay!) and I’m so glad I did. It’s easy to apply, goes on smoothly, dries pretty quickly and is very black. It’s currently my go-to eyeliner.

4) “I Want You” by Savage Garden: Before you all start laughing at me (stop laughing, Syl!) this song came out when I was in junior high, and it brings back a lot of memories. It’s a fun, danceable pop song that reminds me of when I was young and had hope (sorry, that was kinda depressing). I tend to do this a lot: I like songs not just for the song, but for the memories attached to them.

5) White chocolate funfetti cookies: I made a big batch of these for a friend’s birthday party, and everyone raved about them. Sprinkles make any birthday more fun, and you’re never too old for them.



What have you all been loving this month?

Earrings from Parisienne Girl

While perusing Etsy for Downton Abbey inspired jewelry (don’t tell me you’ve never done this), I discovered this lovely pair.






They’re lightweight and really stunning in person. I love the intricate detail on it and the bit of color from the center teal crystal.

The seller’s communication was impeccable. Lori messaged me after I completed the order to make sure my address was accurate. I think that’s very considerate and proactive of her to do.

She also send a complimentary pair of earrings, which was a lovely surprise.




I definitely recommend her shop. Here the link. 

Teal Bracelet from Sprig Jewelry

I needed a pretty bright teal bracelet in my life. I selected this one from Etsy shop Sprig Jewelry



It arrived packaged in a beautiful white box with lovely navy ribbon.



The seller included a sweet note:





The bracelet is very pretty and seems to be sturdy. My one issue is that I thought it would come with a lobster clasp, but it actually has a slip-in hook that isn’t very secure. If you do order from this shop, make sure you ask about the clasp on necklaces and bracelets.

I saw another bracelet on this seller’s page I like a lot. When I place any future orders, I’ll make sure I get what want by messaging the seller and letting them know.

Good tidings and look what has come into my possession! Three shades from the Fall 2014 semi-matte color line-up.

Since these are limited edition, I have swatched them alongside similar shades for comparison.

Of course they were for comparison. They certainly weren’t to ward off bad luck.

Careful, It’s Vine-tage:

L-R: Sally Hansen CSM in Plum Luck, Careful, It's Vine-tage, Zoya Lael, OPI Funky Dunky

L-R: Sally Hansen CSM in Plum Luck, Careful, It’s Vine-tage, Zoya Lael, OPI Funky Dunky

OPI Funky Dunky is the closest when it comes to color, although FD is a little glossier. CIV is a little grayer as well.



So Berry on Trend:



On the index and ring fingers: OPI Just a Little Rosti. On the middle and pinky: WnW So Berry on Trend.

I applied a matte top coat over the ring finger to see how it would affect the comparison to SBOT.

These two are very, very close in color, but JALR is a bit redder. So Berry on Trend is more berry.

Echo Dark:



No comparison here, just the shade swatched on all fingers. I don’t think I have a shade similar to this (shocking, really. I do love my blue polish!) but I ordered OPI Incognito in Sausalito and it looks like it could be a close match to Echo Dark.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to check out a few of the new Colorstays.


Rainforest is a deep, lush, shimmery green.




When I first saw it, I thought of it as a deeper and less emerald MAC Jade Dragon.



Fall Mood is a frosty metallic light bronze.




In sunlight:



Delicious is a bright reddish tangerine orange creme.




Indigo Night is a medium royal blue creme.



It looks like a less dusty version of OPI Dating a Royal.



Midnight is a soft deep blue with teal undertones.




What do you all think of these shades?







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