Rael Wear Jewelry Haul

I purchased a couple of things from RaelWear.

But what I am showing you today aren’t those things.

These are different things.

From a second purchase.

So we have second haul for a first post about RaelWear.

Not a second post for a first haul.

Are you confused yet? Good. That was my plan all along.



I got these hip and funky geometric shape earrings.


These unique bird earrings in gold plating (for times when I want to be fancy).


And this mint green bird necklace.



Because this was my second purchase from RaelWear, Robin sent me a free gift!


I’m so glad she sent me these earrings because I was desirous of a pair of silver leaf earrings.

I love it when my problems solve themselves. :)

I love all my pieces. I have been wearing the funky silver geometric shape earrings a lot, as well as the silver leaf earrings. The other pieces haven’t been worn as much, but I hope to put together a few outfits soon with them.

What do you all think of my selections?

Oh, and here is the shop’s link.

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OPI I Carol About You

Last year, OPI teamed up with Gwen Stefani to release her holiday nail polish range.

I didn’t really hear much about it at the time, but I saw a swatch of I Carol About You and I lost all self control. Purple polish is my kryptonite.


There is a slight shimmer to it. It’s not a creme at all.

ACAY is a deep grape soda shade.



I like it. I have no regrets. My only regret is not stopping Lex Luthor from blowing up Metropolis.


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Lotus Pearl Earrings

So you know that new obsession I have with pearls?

Yeah, I didn’t see this coming either. I had purple streaked hair when I was 18. Twelve years later, I didn’t think I’d be buying pair after pair of pearl drop earrings.

So, I wanted a cool-toned pair of pearl drops, but I didn’t want anything too common. I came across this pair from Otis B Jewelry


I was very happy to receive a rather full package! They included an information about caring for sterling silver pieces, some free polishing cloths (yay!) and a lovely handwritten note.

Here are the elegant and decidedly non-punk earrings themselves.


To show you how they would dangle:


I wore these twice since getting them and I LOVE them! They’re cute, elegant, not at all showy and they still retain a sense of finery. They feel like sophisticated earrings even though they’re not super expensive or encrusted with diamonds. I can dress them up or down.

Here is the shop I bought them from: Otis B Jewelry. 

The original price on these was $25, but I knew they have 20% off sales from time to time, so I waited and I got them for $20.

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Chagrin Valley Haul III

While I’ve been testing out other soaps and bath items, I didn’t forget about this indie company I love. I made my first purchase from them in 2011.

I bought some bars from them about a week ago.


For the face and body:

-Aloe, Aloe, Aloe
-Grapeseed Tomato (I bought this in a previous haul, but I used it up before I had a chance to write down my thoughts on it)
-Goat Milk Oatmeal
-Rhassoul Clay Yogurt

For the hair:

-Honey, Beer and Egg
-Cafe Moreno

Funny story about the Cafe Moreno bars: I wanted just one bar, but they sent me two. I initially thought it was their blunder, but when I checked my Order History, I saw that the quantity for that solid shampoo was indeed for 2. So I must have added it twice to my cart and not realized I had done that. It’s okay, because I ordered the sample size and it’s only $3 per bar.

Life is funny sometimes. And more costly.

Honey, Beer and Egg shampoo bar is my HG solid shampoo. I’m curious about Soapnuts because I’ve never tried a bar like it. The Cafe Moreno is said to help darken brown hair and help darken grays. I’ll have to test it out further (using it now)  and write up a proper review.

In case you haven’t heard about this company, check out my previous reviews. 

Also, check out their online shop. 

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China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Gone Glamping

What does glamping mean? I keep thinking of “Clamps” from Futurama when I hear “glamping”.

Clamping. Glamping. This puzzle has been keeping me occupied.

It’s still not enough to keep me away from my nail polish obsession.



What’s interesting about this shade is that it appears distinctly green on other people.

On me, it’s a mysterious greenish-pewter color that is hard to pin down.


I don’t think I own a color quite like this one. I own some pewters and some metallic greens, but this one isn’t dupable in my collection.

This is two coats. Application was lovely and brush strokes weren’t bad at all.

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Essie Fall 2015 Nail Polish Swatches

Do I really need more reds, deep wines and dark purples?

Yes, I do. It’s a need. A very deep-seated, aching need.

All nail polish lovers understand this feeling.

My non-need for similar shades notwithstanding, I bought the Essie Fall 2015 mini set because I wanted to see how the fall shades fared on my nails.

Leggy Legend


Leggy Legend is a toughie to describe. It’s like someone melted down U.S pennies and add a pinch of turmeric.

Sorry, I dunno why I come up with these weird comparisons.

It’s not the same as OPI Brisbane Bronze, which is more brown. LL applies nicely and doesn’t leave major brush strokes.



With the Band

A staple red creme. Pretty, but not unique. It applies nicely and is opaque after two coats.



It looks a little more orange here than it actually is.



In the Lobby



A darker berry burgundy creme. This one was not quite opaque after 2 coats, but it’s still a favorite color family of mine.



Frock n’ Roll


In the bottle, Frock n’ Roll looks like a dark, grungy purple, but on my nails it looks charcoal black. It contains silver shimmer.


As you can see, it suffers some tip wear after a couple of days. :/

I think my favorite one of the bunch is Leggy Legend. The color is fairly uncommon, it applies smoothly, and leaves a nice finish. The others are skippable.

All swatches you see here are two coats.

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bodyBrana Organic Strawberries and Cream Facial Mask

I received this facial mask in an EcoEmi box.



The label is really pretty and visually appealing.

Appeal visually.

A pear veezle.

Okay, I’ll stop now.

I mixed one teaspoon with about a tablespoon of water.



I needed just enough water to make a spreadable paste. After coating my face with the mask, I left it on for about 15 minutes.

It dried into a stiff, clay-like layer. I washed it off with just warm water. No cleanser or soap.

My face felt very smooth and soft once I dried off my skin. I never expect much from simple rinse-off masks because it never seems like 15 minutes is long enough to have any kind of effect on one’s face. But this one really did make my skin sooo soft. Soft enough to sleep on.

Please don’t ask if you can sleep on my face. :P

The full sized container costs $10.50 at bodyBrana. 

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Zoya Nail Lacquer in Indigo

I’ve swatched this in the past, but I want to revisit it today.



Indigo is a deep navy blue, bordering on nearly black. It contains very tiny silver shimmer.



It’s a fan favorite among nail polish enthusiasts. Do you own this one?

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Swarovski Pearl Drop Earrings

I mentioned in my last Current Favorites post that I am really liking “Downton Abbey”.

If you all know me by now (and you should!) you’d know that I love jewelry. It should come as no surprise that I’m mesmerized by all the jewelry worn by the actresses on the show.

Small pearl drop earrings were, of course, a staple in any Edwardian woman’s wardrobe. I used to think they were too simple for my tastes, but seeing them on Lady Mary Crawley made me change my mind about them.

Photo credit: www.pbs.org

Photo credit: http://www.pbs.org

I purchased a pair of pearl drop earrings from a European seller whose shop is named Jewelry by Indrea



The earrings arrived in a cute white box tied with red ribbons. Indrea included a very nice handwritten note. It was a lovely gesture, especially in an age when people rarely write notes anymore.



The earrings are Swarovski pearls (6mm) on sterling silver hooks.


I’ve been wearing these a lot lately and I really like them. They’re subtle and conservative enough for the doctor’s office I work in, but they still make me feel like I put effort into my whole look. :)

Here is the shop’s listing for more earrings like mine.

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NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in London and Abu Dhabi

Today I’m showing you the two nudes that are as nudey as I can get without making my lips look like they’ve been smeared with zinc oxide.

I dunno why I would smear my lips with zinc oxide, but I have a reputation of being quite odd, so it’s not a far-fetched scenario.

I rarely wear nude lipstick, but I’ve still been on the hunt for one in case I ever needed it. Neutrals and MLBB lip colors have always worked best for me (I have large eyes, so neutral eyes and color on the lips is the best look for me). Nudes have taken a backseat in my makeup life.



London is on top and Abu Dhabi is at the bottom.

London is more of a neutral nude. Abu Dhabi is more pink and a little darker than London. They’re both creams with no shimmer.

They both look very close in shade on my lips. They offer a little color on me. They’re the best nude for my brown skin I have ever found. If you’re MAC NC40-42 or thereabouts, check these out if you want a nude lip color.

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