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I was so in love in with the three shades I bought last year, I snatched up three more.


L-R: Orange Edge, On Fire Red, Neon Red.





L-R: Orange Edge, On Fire Red, Neon Red.





The shades are as vibrant as promised, but Orange Edge fades quite poorly. After 3 hours it had faded unevenly and smudged a little. OFR and Neon Red performed much better. On Fire Red is a really beautiful bluish red that can work on different skintones.

Neon Red is also very nice and will look great on medium and darker skintones. It’ll be a more subtle orange shade on darker skin.

Yay or nay?

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I received this in an Eco Emi box. 




Marie Natie Cosmetics is a company that focuses on natural ingredients and (according to their website), do not create their products using parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, petro-chemicals or phthalates.




The shade I received is called “Love Struck”, which the website labels as “fuchsia”.

To me, Love Struck is a sheer strawberry red shade.




It imparts a very pretty rosy red tint on my lips. It is quite sheer, but does cover my lips fairly well. There’s no unevenness or splotchy application.

It covers my lips as a thickish (but not gloopy) balm-gloss hybrid. No, a lip balm and lip gloss cannot make babies. But if they did, the consistency would be something like this one: not greasy or easily smeared, but slightly thicker than the average gloss while still being spreadable. It feels very comfortable on.

I wore this for about 3 hours without needing to touch up.

I recommend this if you prefer natural/organic makeup and don’t mind spending a bit more. It can be difficult to find lip gloss that really is natural, so if that’s your thing, check out Marie Natie.

Pros: Nice shade (albeit misnamed), nice formula, applies smoothly, smells good, contains natural ingredients.
Cons: Doesn’t last too long, somewhat expensive.

Grade: A-

Marie Natie Lip Gloss is sold here.  It’s $18 CAD for a full sized tube.



Asking for $13 shipped. I would say there is about 80% left. If you are overseas, we can work out shipping. Paypal only.


NOTD: Silver Florals on Rad Purple

I’m getting ready to post a few Milani nail polish swatches. One of them will be the Neon shade Rad Purple.

I tested out a swirly floral design over RP using Revlon Silver Dollar.




It’s nice, but I do you think I should have chosen a darker purple?


I received Whitelighter in an Eco Emi box.





From Brija Cosmetics’s Etsy shop:

“The Charmed Collection is Brija’s first collection of 6 shadows! Full collection and individual shadows can be purchased on
Whitelighters in Charmed are angels that protect witches. They wear a white ivory gown with a yellow golden strip down the center.

Whitelighter is a light yellow gold with a white brightening base. A sheer wash over the lid gives a beautiful gold glow. Great to brighten the inner corner as well!”

In my opinion, Whitelighter is  a pale yellow gold that leans whitish. It contains shimmer.



The color was quite light on me, but not ashy. I wore it over an eyelid primer with no mixing medium. It applied pretty well to my eyelids, but I did pack it on as opposed to brushing it on.

The swatch on my arm blended away and faded when I ran a finger across it. There wasn’t any color left, only some subtle shimmer. You will definitely need at least an eyeshadow primer if you use this product. I recommend a mixing medium, but I was able to work without one. I got perhaps 5 hours of wear time before I saw some fading.


Pros: Good highlighting shade, inexpensive,  soft, lasts for 5 hours  and easy to work with if you pat it on, can be used on cheeks as a soft highlighter.
Cons: Does not do well without a base or primer (some may find this difficult to work with), does not last past 6 hours, there is some fallout.

Grade: B+

Brija Cosmetics can be purchased here. 


Wined and Dined is a cheaper version of the fancy restaurant activity I like doing. :)

It’s also a nail polish.







It’s a browned burgundy that leans a little chocolate brown. I think it’s a nice twist on a regular vampy.

Yay or nay?

Eco Emi- February 2014

Here’s what I got for last month. :)
















I ate the chocolate paste right up! It was SO yummy. The hummus dip was good, but the texture was a little gummy. Not very gummy, but it wasn’t as creamy as I’m used to.

I’ve been using the lash conditioner and lip balm. I like them both. I’m going to test out the hairspray later this week and see how it works for me. Same goes for the facial mask.

Eco Emi can be ordered here. 

How did you all make out this winter? We’re finally getting some sunshine here in NYC. The huge piles of snow have mostly melted and it’s a lot easier to get around.

I’ve been plowing through several chapters of European politics reading and lots of schoolwork. I should know better than to procrastinate….but nail polish swatching seemed more important than learning what the EU commission does. :)

Here’s what I’ve been loving recently:

1) “Building a Mystery” by Sarah McLachlan: this was one of my favorite songs back in 1998. It’s strange to think how much the music industry has changed since then. I bought “Surfacing” just for 2 songs. And Sarah’s music videos didn’t have flashy costumes or half naked dancers. Just Sarah with slicked back hair singing while a man darted in and out of a strange door. Lady Gaga could learn from her.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

2) Guyanese plait bread: I grew up on this (along with tennis rolls and butterflaps). It’s a thick, slightly dense bread with a soft texture and a thin golden crust. It’s so good toasted with jam and organic butter.

3) Chagrin Valley Cornmeal and Honey soap: it’s scrubby and it gets the job done. I like slightly rougher scrubs (even though some have warned than they can be too harsh) because I feel like milder exfoliation products don’t do enough for me. This has been working quite well for me. 

4) Tomato red nail polish: I really like OPI Keys to My Karma and Sephora Formula X in Pyrotechnic. Tomato reds are not usually my go-to because I’m a real sucker for deep red wine shades. But I think the brighter reds need to get some love too. :)


5) Pink Panther by Jeff Koons: I saw this at the MoMA when I visited with my friends Jessica and Noah.

It’s supposed to be a representation of Jayne Mansfield hugging the Pink Panther. From the other side, her breast is exposed but she’s covering it with her hand. There are many interpretations of this, but I think two whimsical and entertaining icons of American cinema embracing in such a way speaks to our shared and intertwining views on the need to entertained and reach of glamour and visual style. But I think I am wrong. I don’t really know art, do I? :P

Essie Luxeffects Nail Polish Swatches

I collected a few of these over time. Some are from the initial launch and a couple are from the newer, rereleased collection.

The swatches were applied as follows: one coat, two coats, over OPI Alpine Snow, over Sinful Colors Black on Black.

Pure Pearlfection:


A Cut Above:


Set in Stones:


As Gold as it Gets:


Sparkle on Top:


Shine of the Times:


A Stroke of Brilliance:




Overall, I quite like these top coats. Two coats work better than one, IMO. The only two I would pass on (if you were considering buying them) are Pure Pearlfection and As Gold As It Gets. These two are kinda wimpy on the glitter aspect. I find them to  be unremarkable. However, if you like the subtle effect of the shimmer, you might like them. Personally, for $8 I would expect more POW! to the shimmer effect.

Shine of the Times is a must -have. I own 5 bottles. Yes, I am obsessed. No, I there isn’t a 12 step program for my problem. :P

I ordered these two pairs of dangle earrings from Gypsy Moon Designs. They’re really pretty but not ostentatious.

It came in a cute silver box.




The shop owner packaged my items really well and included a nice note.



These are called “bohemian Silver earrings Silver dangle earrings Office fashion Filigree Silver jewelry”






These are called “patina Art Nouveau earrings mint earrings tear drop dangle earrings Brass jewelry”



Unlike the first pair, these don’t look like they are available anymore.

I will be ordering from GMD in the future. Just two days after I placed my order, it came in the mail. The seller is in Montana and I am in NYC.  I’m quite impressed!

Check out the online store here.


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