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A while back, I picked out these two pretty bracelets on Etsy.

This one is called Rose and Ruby bracelet. I like the unusual shapes of the link pieces.











The Rose bracelet came from Creations of Color.

The second one is a little less conventional. I bought it primarily because I love the character of “Ruby” on Once Upon A Time.

It’s called the Red/Ruby bracelet and it’s from Cissy Pixie.



The seller included an adorable hair pin.




It includes three charms: a basket, a wolf, and a knife/fork set (clever and macabre!)







It also includes two memorable quotes from the character.



I love this and I will surely be shopping with Cissy Pixie in the future.

Check out their shops:

Cissy Pixie

Creations of Color

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Too Faced Fun in the Dark palette. Used 3x  SOLDDSCN3263     DSCN3264

MAC Jealousy Wakes DSCN3529   Used a few times. $14

Too Faced Natural at Night palette. DSCN3424   Used 2x. $25

Maybelline Orange Edge and Lavender Voltage. Both used 3x. LV has a smushed tip. There are scratches on the back of Orange Edge.

$7 each  DSCN3841   DSCN3842

Essie Spring 2014 Collection

I purchased the mini set for Spring 2014.





The shades in the set are:

-Hide & Go Chic
-Fashion Playground
-Romper Room
-Style Hunter



Romper Room is a pale pink creme. It was very streaky. I used 3 coats in the photo below.





Hide & Go Chic is a medium French blue creme. It’s a little darker in person.







Style Hunter is a classic red creme. On me, it pulls sort of orange.



I had trouble capturing Style Hunter on camera. It would look more like a true red on a lighter complected person.

Fashion Playground is a cool mint green. It’s a mint shade with a stronger white base. It was also very streaky, just like Romper Room.




My favorite out of the bunch is Hide & Go Chic. The others are less covetable. Romper Room and Fashion Playground are too ill-behaved when it comes to application, and Style Hunter is a little too common. We’ve seen that shade of red before.

What do you all think of the collection?

NOTD: Blue/Green/Polka Dot Funhouse

Welp….looks like a dotfest happened on my nails.




Thumb: Sally Hansen CSM in Fairy Teal with dots (Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint)
Index: WnW INARM with Revlon Colorstay in Indigo Night to form the dots
Middle: Maybelline Azure Seas stamped with WnW INARM
Ring: OPI Jade is the New Black topped with Maybelline Clearly Spotted on top
Pinky: Milani Beach Front

Did I do a decent job? Am I formally banned from dotticures henceforth? :P


I’m pretty happy to know that this is the 10th CF post on this blog. It’s nice to take a moment every month to think about the good things in my life.

I would love to hear more from the rest of you when it comes to the little things that make your day brighter. :)


Here’s what has injected some rays of light into my life recently:

1) “City of  Blinding Lights” by U2 :  A lyrically lovely and musically gratifying number by one of my favorite music groups.

2) Pretty earrings: I’ve been trying to wear my earrings more often. I own many, many pairs but I forget to put on one before I leave the apartment. And in typical me fashion, I still buy more earrings even though I hardly wear the ones I already own.



3) Berry eyeshadow: I’ve been blending berry shadow onto my outer v with a neutral all over the lid. Milani Shock is purple looking in the pan, but it turns quite berry on me. I also love Inglot #52 in the flip-top lid pot.

4) Pound cakes:  I have developed serious cravings for this soft, buttery cake. I am making an almond pound cake tonight, and will be making a vanilla bean version very soon. This is a cream cheese pound cake I made several months ago.

cc pound cake



5) The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K Rowling: I had to order a copy of this since I’m such a huge Potter fan. While it’s not as fast paced and complex as the Potter novels, I enjoyed it nonetheless. Rowling inserts insightful commentary through the voice of Dumbledore and gives us that satisfying and thought-provoking wisdom we all miss from Hogwarts’ most celebrated headmaster.


Photo credit: www,

Photo credit: www,


What have you all be enjoying recently?

I received a tube of this in my March Eco Emi box.




It’s a twist up tube of a balm-like colored lip gloss.




Dawn is  described as: “A natural brick pink lip color with a not too dark, not too light shade. Perfect for a natural look.”

It’s a rosy brown that is the perfect mix of rose and brown.

This is one swipe:



This is three swipes:



I like the smooth texture and moisturizing benefits of this. I think it’s more like a lip balm with soft shine, rather than a true lip gloss.

On my lips, it hardly provides coverage in terms of color. It gives the barest hint of color. I would not recommend this for anyone who wants a color product. It’s a good, natural lip product for natural makeup days or times when you don’t want to look like you’re wearing much makeup.


Pros: Natural ingredients, easy to use packaging, feels nice on the lips, moisturizing.
Cons: Not much color payoff on pigmented lips.

Grade: B+

Available at Purely You Mineral’s website.

Eco Emi- June 2014

Here’s what I got this month:















I was happy to receive  a sunblock sample because I’m always on the hunt for natural sunblock.

What would you like me to review first?


Today we’re comparing two vampys from Revlon and OPI.


Index and ring finger: OPI Black Cherry Chutney
Middle and pinky: Revlon Bold Sangria



Apart from the opacity issues, the base tones of BCC are distinctly red wine. There is a plumminess to Bold Sangria that makes it a different vampy from Bold Sangria.

A collective swatch post:

Angel Bite:




Angel Bite is a browned vampy burgundy creme.


Nude Now:




Nude now is a peachy, milky nude creme. I like this because it doesn’t clash with my darker skin tone.


Cherry Cherry Bang Bang:




Cherry Cherry Bang Bang is a pretty fruit punch berry pink creme. It looks a little darker in person.


Good to Grape:




Good to Grape is a soft purple creme that leans a little lavender. It needs at least 3 coats, as you can see.


Platinum Star:




Platinum Star is a standard silvery-white frost.


Pedal to the Medal:


This one was a little hard to capture because of the subtle lilac tint. It’s mostly soft silver with a hint of lilac.

Here it is out of the natural light:


Snow Globe:


Snow Globe is rainbow glitter suspended in a clear base. I had some issues with this one. It was a little thick, and I had trouble pushing the glitter around on my nails to get it to evenly disperse.

Black Platinum:


In the same family as Revlon Black With Envy and Chanel Black Pearl, this is a gunmetal gray with shimmer.

Which one is your favorite?

A sparkly ruby red treasure, Lady Luck would be on the vanity of any high born countess who craved a fortuitous glittery nail polish.

That is, if she shopped at Duane Reade.



The index fingers wears two coats, the middle wears three, the ring wears four, and the pinky wears one.



It’s a pinkish red (on me) with both shimmer and larger glitter pieces. It’s mostly red glitter with some green and silver glitter.

It chips after 2 days on me. I would strongly recommend a top coat.



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