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Today we’re comparing two vampys from Revlon and OPI.


Index and ring finger: OPI Black Cherry Chutney
Middle and pinky: Revlon Bold Sangria



Apart from the opacity issues, the base tones of BCC are distinctly red wine. There is a plumminess to Bold Sangria that makes it a different vampy from Bold Sangria.

Today we’re looking at how similar Navy Baby and Midnight Affair are.



Midnight Affair is on the index and ring fingers. Navy Baby is on the middle finger and pinky.

The differences are not apparent unless you look closely. Navy Baby is definitely a shade darker, and more navy.

In person, it’s not easy to see a difference (unless you are the owner of a thousand dark blue polishes and can spot differences like a New Yorker spots an empty seat on the subway).

Let’s hear it for Mekong! Hip hip hoo- wait a moment, what’s this?

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone just showed up. It claims to have a clone of Mekong!

Whaaaa? Stayed tuned for more makeup drama!

I swatched these two in an attempt to investigate Comfort Zone’s claim:

L-R: WnW Comfort Zone; NARS Mekong

With flash:

L-R: WnW Comfort Zone; NARS Mekong

Having completed our investigation, here’s what we found:

  • Mekong has more glitter, and is easier to apply. It’s smoother and glides onto skin easily.
  • WnW Comfort Zone’s dupe is powdery and as a result, appears less pigmented. It’s pigmented, but because there’s more fallout, less of the eyeshadow stays on the skin.

Otherwise, it’s a dupe! The tradeoff here is that if you get the $5 Comfort Zone palette, you’ll miss out on the smooth application of Mekong. However, Mekong is rather pricey, so if you’re on a beauty budget, Comfort Zone might appeal to you. I did a post on some dupes Comfort Zone has for other shades.

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone: available at www.drugstore.com
NARS Mekong: available at www.narscosmetics.com

Two pretty pink eyeshadows face off. Who will be the prettier one….

L-R: Clinique Pink (from Strawberry Fudge), MAC EP

It’s easier to see with the flash:

L-R: Clinique Pink Shade, MAC EP

They are definitely not dupes. Clinique’s pink shade is much lighter than Expensive Pink, and there is no gold shimmer in Strawberry Fudge duo. EP is also more pigmented.

Which one would you choose?

Today’s RR gives us a look at two vampy permanent shades from OPI and China Glaze:

Index and Ring: Evening Seduction; Middle and Pinky: Black Cherry Chutney

Evening Seduction is an almost-black creme, while Black Cherry Chutney is a shimmery, blackish deep cherry color.

So, what else do you guys want to see compared?

Today is the day. We’re going to be comparing that much talked about drugstore eyeshadow. You know the one….

L-R: WnW Nutty; MAC Satin Taupe

Satin Taupe is certainly darker and warmer. Here they are with the flash:

L-R: WnW Nutty; MAC Satin Taupe

If one were to choose between these two, I think it would be a matter of preference. If you are fair skinned and like cool-toned shadows, Nutty would be the one for you. If you like warmer taupes, Satin Taupe would be your best bet. And then there’s the issue of price.

So which one grabs your attention?

Two beautiful blues square off today….

Index, Ring: Skyscraper; Middle, Pinky: Midnight Mission

Skyscraper’s intense silver glitter makes it cooler and brighter than MM.

With flash:

Which one do you prefer?

Today we’re comparing NARS Luster and NYX Terracotta blushes.

On the left is NARS Luster, on the right is NYX Terracotta.

Luster is paler and more golden. Terracotta is darker and peachier.

Which one would you prefer? Or are you like me and love both of them? :)

As promised, I bought the “dupes” for this palette and tried them against the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone shades.

Comfort Zone palette

According to Temptalia, the alleged dupes/similar shades are:

-Left Browbone=MAC Ricepaper
-Left Eyelid= MAC Jest
-Left Crease= MAC Soba
-Left Definer= MAC Smut

Please note, Christine does not say that these are exact dupes. She does state that they are somewhat similar but there are differences. I wanted to try these out and see for myself.

MAC Ricepaper vs. Left Browbone:

L-R: Browbone, Ricepaper.

L-R: Browbone, Ricepaper.

The base colors are similar, but WnW Browbone is more shimmer infused and intense.

MAC Jest vs. Left Eyelid:

L-R: Left Eyelid, MAC Jest

L-R: Left Eyelid, MAC Jest

WnW Left Eyelid is darker and more shimmery than Jest. They both are peachy, but Jest is a lighter, softer peach.

MAC Soba vs. Left Crease (among others):

L-R: UD Smog, MAC Romp, MAC Soba, Left Crease.

Even though Soba was the main focus, I wanted to try some other shades I suspected might be close. UD Smog is similar, but more bronze than golden. MAC Romp is too light, and Soba is nowhere near close to Left Crease.

There’s no comparison between Smut and Left Definer. Why? Because I saw swatches of Smut online, and it looked close enough to Left Definer for me to avoid getting it. If there are differences, they are minimal, and I don’t really want another dark brown eyeshadow that badly.

I do own MAC Blue Brown pigment:

L-R: MAC Blue Brown, Right Definer

L-R: MAC Blue Brown, Right Definer

The only notable difference is that Blue Brown is more shimmery and sparkly. Otherwise, they are very close in color.

What do you guys think? Found any other dupes in this palette?

Today two stellar browns face off….

L-R: NARS Galapagos, MAC Mulch

Mulch is a reddish brown and lighter than Galapagos. Galapagos is darker, more golden-brown and contains sparkles.



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