Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation Swatches

I received a complimentary sample pack of 4 shades from Sephora.

Naturally, I can’t wear all of them. But you all can surely benefit from seeing the swatches. 🙂

L-R: Tan Sand, Medium Honey, Light-Medium Honey, Light Neutral.


The shade that matches me the best is Tan Sand. It leans a little beige so it is not a perfect match.

The coverage is light to medium, but not exactly full. It lasted for several hours without powder and didn’t become greasy. I can see this needing a powder during the summer months.  I stayed at home while testing this, engaging in mild activity. If I were at work or out and about, I think my face would have been oilier after a few hours.

This water-based foundation would work well for normal, combination or dry skin types.

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Tuesday Talk: Self Care Sessions Vol. 32

I’ve had a fairly good start to the week. I spent the weekend cooped up in my room, away from my toxic family. I dislike being confined to the room, but it beats being triggered frequently and experiencing my rage resurfacing whenever they bicker and argue.

Here is what’s been good this week:

1) Most of my soapmaking supplies have been ordered! I’m waiting on a couple more things. I need to order sweet almond oil, castor oil and grapeseed oil, but I hope to get those ordered with my next paycheck. I could use some help paying for supplies. If you’re feeling generous, here is my PayPal link: paypal.me/caz10456.

2) I got this French Connection dress for only $40! Score! It is a huge steal because Kate Middleton owns one in the same style, and if I were to buy it on eBay it would cost so much more.


3) I’m following Instagram accounts for gardens, mansions and opulent locations. It’s fun to scroll through all the beautiful images.

4) There is a real sweet and kind patient at work. Every once in a while she slips me $5 for coffee. I used that money to buy myself fried chicken for lunch. It’s been a while since I had good fried chicken.

5) I’m watching “More Manners of Downton Abbey”. I’m fascinated by the social etiquette of the Edwardian era, so I decided to watch it. The show’s adviser explains how things were executed, how they dressed back then, etc. I found it on YouTube, if you’re interested.

What self care did you do this week?

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Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Swatches Part III

Here are the final 8 shades from my sample book.

Top to bottom: Conspiracy, Rapture, Amulet, ZZ, Naked, Backtalk, Stark Naked, Gubby.



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Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Swatches Part II

Here are the next eight shades in my sample book.

Top to bottom: Rock Steady, Manic, Gash, 714, Disturbed, Blackmail, EZ, Snitch.



I really like Manic, Blackmail and Rock Steady. Which ones do you like?


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Clinique Airbrush Concealer in Medium Caramel

If you know me, you know my undereye dark circles are the demons in my beauty life. I’m always battling them.

A while back, I picked up this Clinique illuminating concealer. I wanted (and still want) the YSL version, but it’s incredibly expensive. I thought it would be a good idea to play around with the more affordable version.


It comes in a slim, silver capped tube.

The shade that works best for me is Medium Caramel.


It reminds me of the Stila Lip Glaze packaging, with a brush applicator you click product out of.



This is how I use it:

1) Prep the undereye area with eye cream

2) Apply Bobbi Brown corrector in Dark Peach.

3) Tap e.l.f Undereye Powder over that.

4) Apply a little bit of Clinique Airbrush Concealer on top and blend to cover the dark area.

This looks a little too highlighted for me, but in photos my dark circles are gone! I went to a friend’s baby shower and took some photos. For the first time since I was 7, I didn’t look tired or sleep-deprived in a photo. I think this is great for that purpose. In person, however, this looks a touch too pale on me.

It also settles into fine lines. I’m going to use it up but I think I’ll spring for the YSL illuminator next.

This costs $20.50 at Sephora. When I purchased it, it was $17.50.

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Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Swatches Part I

I know what you’re thinking…….

No, I didn’t rob Sephora to get all these lipsticks. I received a sample book of 25 lipstick samples from the revamped Vice line. Awesome, huh?

Today you’ll be viewing the first 8 colors.

Seismic, Pandemonium, Jilted, Firebird, Menace, Big Bang, Sheer Anarchy, Psycho.


I’m definitely getting Jilted (but not at the altar :P).

Which ones do you like?


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Tuesday Talk: Self Sessions Vol. 31

Happy Valentine’s Day, my blogger valentine’s! 🙂

My self-care was much better this week.

1) I am almost done with demoing the Lush Valentine bath bombs. I’m happy to have got them done in time for V-Day. I have just one to do today.

2) I’m having a solitary day today, watching movies and eating Graeter’s ice cream.


3) I called out from work yesterday. I was dealing with a migraine and I just wasn’t going to stress myself.

4) I’ve been remembering to apply lotion and use shower gel. I mainly use the shower gel for the scent (after I scrub with soap). I think the scent has a positive effect on my mind. I also think physical touch and massage can help me.

5) My friends came to NYC and gave me a V-Day gift! It made me so happy!


How has your week been?

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Lush Valentine’s Day 2017 Demos

I bought all of the bath bombs from the Valentine’s Day collection and I demoed them for you all. Because I love you. ❤

I bought the bubble bars as well. I won’t demo them because they’re not as fun to watch dissolve. I skipped out on the Luxury Bath Melt because I didn’t think I needed it.


Over and Over is a citrus scented bath bomb. Very moisturizing and skin softening.

Cupid is small for a bath bomb. It’s raspberry scented and leaves the water sort of clear.

Rose Bombshell is my favorite of the lot. It’s very fragrant, smelling like gorgeous roses. The amount of rose petals that stream out are surprisingly few. I got 4 to 5 yellow petals in each bath bomb. The now discontinued Softy bath bomb (which I loved) released enough petals to cover the surface of the bathwater. I was hoping for this effect from RB.

Lover’s Lamp is a vanilla scented bomb with several tiny and a few large red hearts that melt like Luxury Bath Melts and are skin softening. The hearts are made of organic cocoa butter. There is a faint vanilla scent and my skin really feels super soft after my bath. This one is a fast fizzer, so apologies if you missed the tiny red hearts streaming out.

I don’t dislike anything I tried. I am a little surprised to see a citrus scented bath bomb and a raspberry scented one. I would think Lush would have released a chocolate scented bath bomb and maybe a strawberry one (many people give and receive dipped strawberries for the day).

Have you tried anything from the Valentine’s Day collection?

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Fresh Rose Face Mask

I’ve been becoming more interested in Fresh as a brand. I’ve tried a few of their products, and I have not actually encountered a dud.

Their Rose Face Mask is no dud, I can tell you that much.

Photo credit: www.fresh.com

Photo credit: http://www.fresh.com

The company says the mask is infused with real rose petals and rosewater. Both are known to have softening effects on the skin.

I applied a thin layer to my face, making sure to cover the entire face. The gel is not noticeable once applied so it can be easy to miss a spot.

I left it on for 15 minutes and rinsed oft with warm water.

I noticed my skin looked more radiant, felt softer, and appeared smoother. The claims hold up. There was an improvement in the overall appearance of my skin.

The regular size jar costs $62. I received mine as a sample from Sephora. I recommend looking out for a sample if you can.


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Etude House I Need You Collagen Mask

As I get older, I get more relaxed (pun not intended) around collagen products. I figure it can’t hurt to try out a few things and find some I like.

Basically, I was excited to try this particular mask.

Photo credit: www.yes style.com

Photo credit: http://www.yes style.com

“This mask sheet contains Collagen (Hydrolyzed Collagen) that strengthens the skin for firm, youthful skin.”

As with the other masks, I wore it for 15 minutes. The solution was creamy and not as slimy or gel-like as I expected. It carried no distinct or powerful scent and didn’t burn or sting.

I was surprised to find that my face did feel firmer! I didn’t expect too much from this, but it did what it claimed it would do.

I don’t think this would be a substitute for a facelift, but if  30-something would use this mask once or twice a week, I think it would make a difference in the ageing process. I can see this being used in a preventive way to achieve a younger looking appearance as one ages.

Will you try this? Do you use any collagen products?

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