Etude House I Need You Royal Jelly Mask

Today is Royal Jelly mask day!

Well, at least in my house it is. Because that’s the mask I’m layering over my Caudalie serum.


According to Etude House ” this mask contains richly nutritious Royal Jelly Extract, helping to enhance smooth, moist, healthy skin by protecting weak and rough skin from the outer environment”.

The scent on this is slightly medicinal, but not unpleasant or terribly strong. The sheet is infused with a gel-like liquid. I wore it for 12 minutes and then rubbed in the liquid. It was continuously gel-like throughout the process. It felt cool and moisturizing without being too greasy.

My face feels tighter and smoother now. There is a bit of sticky residue but it’s nothing I can’t live with. I’m going to repurchase this in the future.

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Tuesday Talk: Self Care Sessions Vol. 35

It’s a day late, but it’s here!

I had a fairly good weekend for self care. I went to a performance inspired by the Gothic boxwood miniatures at the Cloisters. I’ll link the description further down.

It was held in the Fuentiduena Chapel.

I’ve looked up some of the musicians and started following them. I’ve developed a strong taste for classical music. I think attending performances is hugely beneficial to my mental health. I’m going to try and go to more shows.

In sad news, an acquaintance attempted to ship over two bottles of Chanel Vibrato to me. They were confiscated by Royal Mail. Darn the luck! 😦

I’ve been watching documentaries on YouTube. There is a PBS one that I’m getting through now. Let me know if you’d like the link.

I’ll leave you with some more photos of the East River.

And a candid shot of my friend and her new husband!

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Review: Clarins Instant Liner in Blackest Black

Clarins is a brand that largely flew under my makeup radar because it seemed to be a line for ladies older and more sophisticated than myself.

Well, everyone and their pet hamster is more sophisticated than me. It’s common knowledge, folks.

This derail is getting back on track to review this ultra-sophisticated, ultra-expensive (well, maybe not) liquid eyeliner.

From the website: “An easy-to-apply liquid eyeliner that ensures a precise, long-lasting line, ideal for enhancing the eyes. This eyeliner Includes a soft, supple foam applicator which delivers just the right amount of product.”

The eyeliner comes in a sleek, streamlined tube with a screw-in applicator handle.

Of all the liquid eyeliners I’ve tried that were not in pen form, this is my favorite packaging. It’s very easy to use.


The tip of the applicator is reliably flexible and yields to pressure without being difficult to control. It’s great in terms of the ability to draw on thin black lines without smearing tar everywhere.

The applicator does draw out more eyeliner than I need. I simply wipe the excess off inside the mouth of the tube. Then I have just the amount I need.

Here is the swatch.

Here it is once it’s dried.

It’s a gloriously black matte.

Once on, and once unbothered, this stayed on my lids for 8 hours. It smudged if I rubbed my eye vigorously. I think this is a fairly good wear time. It’s not advertised as waterproof so I didn’t expect it to be totally smudgeproof.

Pros: Deep black color, easy to use and apply, neat and streamlined packaging, perfect applicator tip.
Cons: On the expensive side, only sold at Clarins and select department stores, only comes in one shade.

Grade: A.

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e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Smooth Matte Eyeshadow in Soft Beige

Did you all know e.l.f has gotten in on the cream-eyeshadow-in-a-tube party?

From the website: “Create a flawless, natural look with this lightweight liquid matte eyeshadow. This silky smooth formula defines and contours the eyes for long wear. Enriched with Vitamin E to help nourish and hydrate.”

I popped this in my electronic cart because I’m bound and determined to find a cream eyeshadow that works for me.

Sigh. One of life’s greatest struggles.

The packaging is lightweight and just like a lip gloss tube.




Soft Beige is a light tan beige.


It pulls neither pink or gray.

It blends just fine. It applies just fine. The color? It doesn’t really show up. It looks too bland and doesn’t do much on my lids.

The company suggests layering a second eyeshadow over it or using it as a primer. I tried both ways. It still didn’t do much for me.

If you’re thinking of buying this, save your money for something else. Even at $2, it’s a waste of money.

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Review: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bond Girl

Let’s review today my very first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick!

From the website: “Matte Revolution – the words on everyones lips!

Create the illusion of fuller, wider lips with my Matte Revolution – for lips that look lit from within.

It’s a trick I use all the time on photo shoots, using lighting trickery, pigments and powders, and have been working for years to re-create this effect in the slick of 1 lipstick. Now everyone can create this full, matte lip effect in a long-lasting, buildable, hydrating formula – it’s the matte lipstick of the future!

Exclusively enriched with Lipstick Tree extract which protects lips and is a natural anti-oxidant, and Orchid Extract which soothes and hydrates for a soft, buildable cashmere finish. Layer and build the color to create the intensity you want, from a light-as-air matte stain to dramatic full-velvet coverage. Color glides on easily and precisely, thanks to the specially shaped square-tip, inspired by the classic shape of a lip brush.

In 10 luminous modern-matte hues there’s a shade to suit all skin tones”.

The packaging is to die for. I must confess that Ms. Tilbury really put great effort into the design and image of her line.

The lipstick tube is a rose gold color and it comes in a burgunday soft cardboard box.

Bond Girl is described as “a chic natural berry for sultry and alluring beauties from Halle Berry and Barbara Bach to Olga Kurylenko.”

I consider it to be a slight plum, soft berry with a matte finish. It is more red-berry than purple-berry.

On me it’s an amazing everyday berry pink.

The second swatch tempts me to refer to this as a very soft, mild red. It’s not, but you can see why I’m tempted to say that.

It applies very smoothly and feels nice on my lips. The texture is actually cashmere-like. I was attempting to find a good way to describe this, because even though it’s matte it doesn’t feel completely matte. It’s not creamy either, but more like velvet or cashmere. It’s definitely softening my lips and it feels superbly comfortable.

It takes a few swipes to build up color. I think this is due to my pigmented natural lip color. Once on, it lasts for about 5 hours without a touch up. If I eat or drink something, it does wipe off.

Pros: Beautiful color, feels comfortable, applies smoothly, gorgeous packaging, lasts for a few hours, doesn’t dry out lips.
Cons: Very expensive.

Grade: A

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Wet n Wild MegaLast Retractable Eyeliner in Blackest Black

Spotted at Family Dollar, this mechanical pencil eyeliner costs a whopping $2.

The packaging is lighter than other mechanical pencil eyeliners I’ve used, but in no way inferior.

The color is black, but not the inky, deep midnight black I had expected.

How did this hold up?

It lasted all day on my upper lashline. I stayed in place unless I rubbed my eye. On my lower lashline it lasted for 3 hours.

It’s not terribly long lasting, but it’s not unusable or unsalvageable. I’m passing this onto a friend, but if it was my only eyeliner and I couldn’t afford another one, I would hang onto it.

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Current Favorites: Beauty and Life Vol. 26

It’s my birthday month! So far my friends have made it pretty great.

Here is what I’ve liked about it so far.

1) Afternoon Tea at King’s Carriage House: I can cross this off my list of afternoon tea sites I want to visit. The whole tea was scrumptious and a perfect way to spend my birthday.

2) Shopping at Bloomingdale’s: I don’t visit this store often enough. It’s a lot of fun to browse the aisles and gaze at all the pretties.

3) Soapmaking: Look at my first batch! It’s still curing and won’t be ready until April 13th. It was fun to make.

4) My Birthday Gifts: I got Beyonce Pulse perfume, Heimish All Clean Balm and an antique Edwardian locket on a turquoise bead chain.

5) My Friend’s Wedding: Ana has spent the last 20 years raising her son and sacrificing a lot to provide a good life for him. It was great to see her find her life partner and to see her glow with happiness.

Well, friends, that’s my month’s collection of favorites? What about you?

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Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eyeshadow Collection Swatches

I’m amazed: I’ve owned this palette for some years now and I’ve never swatched it.

Well, I’m swatching it today, even if it’s the last thing I do!

I’m overly dramatic sometimes. It’s a curse, really.

The packaging is cardboard, but quite sturdy and dependable.

Top to bottom: Heaven, Silk Teddy, Nude Beach, Velvet Revolver, Push-Up, Honey Pot.

Top to bottom: Sexspresso, Erotica, Cocoa Puff.

I didn’t realize this before, but there is a mix of cool and warm tones in this, as well as some red. This is a great way to make this palette workable for a number of people.

Do you own this? Would you want to own it?

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It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream SPF 50 in Tan

Lisa’s gift box included this CC+ cream. I was happy to see it in there because 1) I want to try more It Cosmetics products and 2) I am curious about CC creams.

This cream is advertised as a foundation, hydrating product, brightening color corrector, serum, pore reducing primer, dark spot corrector, and sunscreen.

It is more foundation-like than a tinted moisturizer or BB cream.

Here are the swatches.

It feels a little serum-like (you can see this texture in the swatch.

I would still need a sunblock while using this. It works great as a medium coverage foundation. I like the way it blends easily and covers my uneven skin tone and dark marks (I am not a Death Eater!).

The one complaint: it’s very beige in tone. Phooey. I can’t wear it because it’s obviously very gray on my golden complexion.

If you’re lighter than me, give it a go. It also comes in Fair, Light and Medium.

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Tuesday Talk: Self Care Sessions Vol. 34

I’m happy to report that I had a pretty good week.

1) I was in Long Island City last week and I got some nice, tranquil photos of the East River.

2) My birthday was on Sunday. I had a nice afternoon tea and went shopping.

3) I’m getting caught up on “Once Upon a Time” episodes. I totally forgot it’s back on the air.

4) I bought myself a delicious chocolate cake and took it to the office to share with my co workers.

I got some self-care in, so hooray for that!

How was your week, my dears?

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